A.No problem. B.My Chinese is poor. C.No, I will not.


A.She’s a worker. B.He is a doctor. C.He works in a hospital.



A.Sure. I’m Steve. B.Sure. It’s 5687-2354. C.Sure. I’m in Class One.



A.Yes, I do. B.No, he doesn’t. C.Yes, she does.



A.My name is Alice. B.Yes, I am. C.She is Alice.



A. B. C.



A. B. C.



A. B. C.



A. B. C.



A. B. C.


??? 假定你是李华,你的美国朋友 Tony 得知中国爆发了新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情,他给你发邮件表达关心 并想了解你的日常情况。现在请你给他写一封回信,包含以下要点: 

1. 感谢 Tony 的关心并告知中国情况好转 

2. 告诉他你的日常学习和生活 

3. 提醒他在美国也要注意防护 


新型冠状病毒肺炎 novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP);爆发 break out, outbreak(n.)要求:

1. 词数 80 左右(开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数); 

2. 要点齐全,可适当发挥; 

3. 不得出现真实姓名和校名;

4. 条理清楚,语句通顺,意义连贯,书写规范。

Dear Tony 

It’s so great to receive your e-mail.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


??? A mother and her daughter lived in a village. Every night, 1. mother would lock the door with three locks, because she was afraid that a thief might come in.

 As time went by, the daughter became tired of her 2.(bore) life there, and dreamed to go to the city to see the outside world. One day, she left home without 3. (say) goodbye to her mother. “Forget me, Mom.” She thought. 

But the outside world wasn’t as good 4. she thought. Ten years 5. (late), she came back home with a tired body and mind. 

When she got home, it was dark. She knocked at the door, but nobody answered. Surprisingly, she found that the door was 6. (lock). She came in and saw her mother? 7. (lie) in bed, sleeping. Tears ran down her face. Hearing the cry of 8. (she) daughter, the mother woke. They hugged and 9. (cry). After a while, the daughter asked, “Mom, why haven’t you locked the door 10. I left?” Her mother answered, “I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to get in when you came back.”


??? Chinese companies lead in global 5G patent applications(专利应用) with Huawei taking the crown, according to a report by IPlytics, an authorized patent data company. Three companies from China were included in the top 10 list of 5G Standards-Essential Patents(SEPs)family owner. Huawei ranked first. ZET Corp. and China Academy of Telecommunications Technology(CATT) grabbed fifth and ninth places, respectively.  

 Chinese companies topped the list for most 5G SEPs applications in communication systems by the end of April 2019, accounting for 34 percent of the world’s total. Chinese tech giant Huawei has taken a leading role by owning 15 percent of SEPs, according to the report Who Is Leading the 5G Patent Race?  

 5G SEPs are patents that any company will have to use when carrying out 5G technology and no one can avoid them. Different from 3G and 4G technologies, 5G technology will influence various industries and encourage the appearance of many new products, services and industries.

The automotive sector will most likely be one of the first industries to depend on 5G, which will connect vehicles to other vehicles, roadsides, traffic lights, buildings and the Internet, according to the report.  

 “It is 5G that is going to be a huge jump forward for communication systems because only with 5G’s higher bandwidth(宽带), can a number of applications be more advanced(先进的) and used by most consumers,” said Nicole Peng, senior director of the market research company Canalys.     

As 5G technology has combined various industries and technologies, the number of 5G SEPs rose to more than 60, 000 globally by the end of April 2019, the report said.

1.What does “taking the crown” probably mean in Paragraph 1?

A.becoming the next king

B.finishing the task better

C.being in the first place

D.wearing the hat of the king

2.What is the main idea of the first two paragraphs?

A.No companies can avoid 5G SEPs.

B.IPlvtics is an important data company.

C.Chinese companies lead the 5G patent race.

D.China owned 34% of the world’s 5G SEPs applications.

3.What does Nicole Peng think of 5G?

A.Various industries will be helpful for 5G a lot.

B.Many applications will make 5G more advanced.

C.5G will be used by many advanced consumers.

D.5G will make great progress in communication systems.

4.What can you infer the passage?

A.5G will be first used by the industry of the automotive sector.

B.Various industries and farming will be mostly influenced by 5G.

C.5G will motivate many new products, services, and industries to appear.

D.More than 6 thousand 5G SEPs had been used by the end of April 2019.


??? A boy had a place at the best school in town. In the morning, his grandfather took him to the school. When the boy and his grandfather went into the playground, some children came up.

“What a funny old man,” one boy said, making a face. “Hey, fatty,”another one shouted.    

The children laughed at the two and jumped up and down. Without saying a word, the old man took his grandson out of that school gate.

“Wonderful, I don’t have to go to school!”the boy said. 

 You do, but not this one,  his grandfather replied.  I will find you a school myself. 

 Grandfather took his grandson back to his own house, asked grandmother to look after him, and then went off to look for a school himself.

Every time he got to a school, the old man went into a playground, and waited for the children to come out at break time. In some schools the children completely ignored the old man and in others, they made fun of him. When this happened, he would turn sadly and go home.  

Finally, he went into the very small playground of a very small school, and stood tiredly against the wall. The bell rang, and the children got out into the playground.  

“Sir, are you all right? Shall I bring you something to drink?” a voice said.  

“We have got a bench in the playground corner and sit down,” came another voice. Soon a young teacher came out into the playground corner and sat down. The old man greeted him and said, “Finally, I have found my grandson the best school in town.”

1.What happened when the boy and his grandpa went into the first playground?

A.Some children came up and made fun of them.

B.Some children made friends with them.

C.Some children danced around them.

D.Some children came up and fought against them.

2.Why did the grandpa wait for the children to come out at break time in each school?

A.To see what game they often played.

B.To see whether they behaved well.

C.To find out what they talked about.

D.To join their game.

3.Which of the following sentences is TRUE according to the passage?

A.The grandfather thinks there is no good school in town.

B.The best school also tells students to be kind and have good manners.

C.The grandfather thinks the playground is the most important.

D.The grandfather thinks small schools are better than big schools.

4.Which of the following sentences can best sum up the passage?

A.The story between a grandfather and his grandson.

B.The importance of small playground.

C.The best school has students with the best manners.

D.Score is the most important.


??? China has recently published its first artificial intelligence(AI,人工智能) textbook for high school students in Shanghai to start AI lessons. Forty high schools around the country have become experimental bases for exploring AI education

The book, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, includes the history of AI and how the technology can be used in areas such as facial recognition, public security and auto driving.

Peng Yu is a teacher at the High School Affiliated(附属)to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He took part in editing the textbook and said it would give guide to students. He said, " The book has a good introduction to the area so that students can decide if they want to further study Al at college Students can also find out what they need to learn if they are interested in studying Al. For example, they have to learn Maths because it is the fundamental basis of AI .’’

Peng said AI has improved the interest of many high school students already, but he still feels that they can learn much more by taking part in project-based learning programs. Peng is sure that everyone should learn some basic knowledge about AI because it will be part of our everyday lives .It is reported that China needs 5 million Al teachers to keep up with development in the future.

1.Where is the first AI textbook published?

A.In Shenzhen B.In Beijing

C.In Shanghai D.In Hong Kong

2.What does the textbook include according to the passage?

A.Facial recognition, public security and driverless cars

B.The development history of AI and its useful products

C.The introduction of practical uses of AI in our daily lives

D.History of AI and how the technology is used in some fields

3.What does Peng Yu mean in the third paragraph?

A.Only the students in Shanghai can have the AI classes

B.Maths is quite necessary for students who want to study AI

C.The textbook is named Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

D.Peng Yu works as a teacher in Shanghai Jiao Tong University

4.What can we infer from the passage?

A.The future has come and we should be ready for Al education.

B.Al education can be done by more and more project learning

C. Many great scientists and students will write Al textbooks

D.Students will further study Al at college after learning the textbook


??? Dear Mrs. Brown,

I’ve known that you are wondering how to deal with your child's behavior problems. The following are my opinions.

If there are lots of behaviors you want to change, start by focusing on one or two of the most terrible ones at first. Don't try to make too many changes at once.

Let your child make some decisions by giving him acceptable choices. For example, ask,"Do you want some bread or eggs for breakfast? or let him choose between the red and blue clothes.

Have some stated rules and explain the reasons behind them. Let your child understand the results of breaking the rules.

Direct your child and help him find a better place to do what he is trying to do. For example, if he wants to write on the wall with pencils, give him a piece of paper and let him write on it or let him write on the sidewalk with chalks.

Notice your child’s good behavior and tell him you have noticed it rather than praise him. For example, describe what you see," Wow, this room is so clean and everything is in order. rather than praise him like" You' re a good boy Good job

Being a mother is not easy. Remember to treat your child with great patience and love and then you' ll find that you child will become better

Best wishes for you and your family.

1.Why did Mrs. Brown write the letter to Mrs. Green?

A.Because she needed help to deal with her students' problems

B.Because she was troubled by her child's behavior problems

C.Because she hoped to get some methods to be a better teacher

D.Because she wanted to learn how to deal with the teaching problems

2.What should a mother do if her child has lots of behavior problems?

A.She should try to change one or two most serious ones at first.

B.She should try to help him change all of the problems at once

C.She should make some stated rules and explain the reasons

D.She should try to let her child make some decisions on his own

3.What should a mother do if her child wants to write on the wall?

A.She should let him go out to play with other children

B.She should give him a piece of paper and let him write on it

C.She should give him some colored pencils and draw pictures

D.She should let him go out and draw on the sidewalk with pencils

4.What is the sixth paragraph mainly about?

A.How to clean a child’s room.

B.How to find a better place for a child.

C.How to be a patient mother.

D.How to praise a child's good behavior.


??? The following events are moments in the 40 years of China's reform and opening up(改革开放40周年).


Shenzhen Special Economic Zone


Shenzhen Special Economic Zone,one of China's first

special economic zones, is

established in 1980. The move

allows Shenzhen to enjoy more

market-oriented and flexible

economic policies.



Hong Kong’s return to China


In 1997, Hong Kong returns to

China, Since then,"one

country, two systems’’ , ‘’Hong

Kong people governing Hong

Kong"and a high degree of

autonomy have been effectively




Macao's return to China


In 1999,Macao returns to the

motherland from the control of

Portugal. Under the’’ one

country, two systems" policy,

Macao enjoys a high degree of




Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of



In 1978, the Third Plenary

Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decides to implement reform and

opening-up to the outside

world. The locus of the whole Party shifts to economic development.




Deng Xiaoping's speeches

during his southern tour


From January 18 to February

21, Deng Xiaoping tours

southern cities including

Wuchang,Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shanghai and delivers a series of important speeches on

reform and opening-up.



Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao



Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao

Bridge, the world's longest

cross-sea bridge opens to traffic in October 2018. As the first road link to span the Pearl River Estuary, the bridge will improve the development of


Greater Bay Area.



Fuxing bullet trains


China's first self-developed

bullet train ’’ Fuxing’’ Is

launched in June 2017. Its core

technologies, Including its

power supply, operation

management and security

monitoring, are all homegrown.



First spacewalk


On Sept 27, 2008, astronaut

Chai Zhigang accomplishes the first space walk, making China

the third country to

independently master the key technologies of extravehicular activity.




1.What happened to Shenzhen in 1980?

A.She became a special economic zone. B.She was the neighbour of Hong Kong

C.She held the third plenary session. D.She opened the gate to welcome Macao

2.How many events can you find during 1978-1999?

A.Six B.Three C.Eight  D.Five

3.What information can you get from"2008 First spacewalk"?

A.Zhai? Zhigang's achievement

B.China's breakthrough in outer space

C.China's great technologies.

D.The third country of the world

4.What have the two events of 2017 and 2018 told the world?

A.China has had the longest cross-sea bridge in the world

B.China has developed its first bullet trains named "Fuxing"

C.China is keeping paces with(PR E)the developed countries

D.China's opening-up policy is better than others


??? Velma, a US high school student, is busy with her studies every day. But after school, she puts down her books and goes off to______. She takes care of cats, helps teachers at school and cleans up the beach. Why? Because students in US public schools are______to do at least 20 hours of community service in order to graduate.

“This project is to give students a______of the real world, create a habit of volunteering and perhaps_____ a career.” said Bob Parks, an official at school.

____volunteering takes time, Velma enjoys it. "I learn so much from it. she said. She plans to keep volunteering even after she has finished her required hours of work. Velma is now on her way towards 250 hours to get a silver medal at graduation. She hopes the medal will help her______her dream university.

But some have______about the project. Phil, a single parent of four, has to drive his children from one activity to another every weekend. I have no time to work and rest, he said, "But I know some kids finish their 20-hour volunteering by just sleeping in their fathers office!

Mike Roland, a volunteering manager, has heard those complains. He said, "We keep telling people, Volunteer hours are______than for graduation; they are life lessons.’’

Unlike Phil, some parents agree with the project and want their children to_____ more time volunteering. Michael, a junior, spends Saturdays at JFK Medical Centre guiding patients and bringing them newspapers and meals. He's at 258 hours. Michael ‘s father said, " Twenty hours isn’t______.Children should have more contact with the world.

1.A.relax B.volunteer C.work

2.A.invite B.requested C.required

3.A.chance B.taste C.picture

4.A.explore B.change C.invent

5.A.But B.Although C.However

6.A.realize B.accept C.enter

7.A.doubts B.experience C.agreements

8.A.rather B.more C.less

9.A.spend B.take C.pay

10.A.true B.short C.enough


— The number of cars has ____ a lot these years. 

— Yes, and there are always traffic jams in the city nowadays.

A.raised B.increased C.decreased


— In the past few years, China has made great _____ in science and technology. 

— I feel very proud to see such development.

A.agreement B.achievements C.encouragement


— Why did you buy those books for your son?

— Because they are ______. They can enlarge his knowledge.

A.awful B.comfortable C.educational


—Do you _________ fish and chips here? 

— Yes, we provide all kinds of traditional British food.

A.serve B.cook C.like


— Sorry, Tina. My plane was late and I will arrive in an hour. 

— Never mind. I can go to our hotel and ______ first. When you come here, we can go out for dinner directly.

A.get down B.check in C.rush out


— Our class _____ Class 2 in the basketball match last week. 

— Congratulations!

A.beat B.won C.succeeded


— Why don't you ____ him? 

— Because he always tells lies.

A.mind B.avoid C.trust


— The plot of the film is a little boring. 

— I agreed with you on this point to a certain degree.

A.as a matter of fact

B.all the time

C.to some degree


— How many people will have dinner with us?

— About ten. Please book a table under the name of my husband.

A.serving for my husband

B.using my husband's name

C.facing to my husband


— How many times did you do the experiment, Frank? 

— Five times. I stuck with it until I succeeded. Anyway, it was worth my efforts.

A.suffered from B.continued with C.thought about


— The stranger has come along many times in this area. Do you know him? 

— Yes, he is my new neighbor.

A.shown up B.got on C.set out


— Would you like some fried chicken?

— No, thanks. The doctor asked me to eat less meat when I took the medical examination last week.

A.final test B.singing competition C.health check


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