Write as carefully as you can and try not to make any m _______ .


The more exercise you take, the h_______ you’ll be.


What book would you like to read in your______ / fri:/ time


With the two-child policy carried out, the p______ of my city is increasing to 700,000.



?? Some etiquette(礼仪)in modern life

Do you often use a cell phone? Do you take the subway to school every day? These items make our modern life easier. But do you know how we should behave properly while using them? The following suggestions might be helpful.

For cell phone users

Keep your voice down when you make a phone call in public. Shouting on the phone may make others feel uncomfortable. And you’d better not use it during an appointment(约会).

Stop sending messages or playing games with your cell phone at a dinner or a party. It’s a good time to communicate(交流)with your family and friends.

Don’t make or answer a call while driving. It is not only very dangerous for both you and your passengers but also against the law.

For subway passengers

You are supposed to wait in line while buying tickets and getting on the subway.

You’re not allowed to eat, drink or smoke on the subway train. The smell and noise may trouble others. It’s our duty to keep the train clean and tidy. Besides, smoking is bad for health.

 You can’t take pets on the train. As we all know, animals may spread diseases(传播疾病)and get the train dirty.

You’d better not lie across the subway seats even if the train isn’t crowded. Offering your seat to someone who needs it is regarded as good manners.


     What we should do

    What we shouldn’t do

Cell phoneusers

Keep your 1.down in public

● Don’t send messages or play games at a dinner or a party.

● Don’t make or answer a 2.while driving.

Subway passengers

● Wait in line

●Keep the train clean and 3.

●Offer your seat to someone who needs it.

● Don’t eat, drink or 4.on the? train.

●Don’t take 5.on the train.

● Don’t lie across the subway seats.





Can plants eat people? Probably not, but there are many plants that eat meat. Some of them are big. And thay can eat small animals. One famous meat-eating plant is Venus Flytrap(捕蝇草).

Venus flytrap is a very strange plant. It grows in dry parts of the United States. Its leaves are like the pages of a book. They can open and close very quickly. Inside the leaves, there are three small hairs. If a fly touches one of the hairs, the leaf closes quicklyso the fly cannot get out. In about half an hour, the leaf presses the fly until it is dead. Then, the plant covers the fly and slowly eats it.

Why do plants do that? Most plants get what they need from the sun, the air, and the ground. In some places, the ground is very poor. It doesn't have all these important things, especially nitrogen (). Animal meat has a lot of nitrogen, so some plants eat meat to get what they need. Let's hope that bigger plants don't get the same idea!

1.Venus flytrap is a kind of______.

A.plant B.animal C.food D.meat

2.Venus flytrap grows in______.

A.most parts of the world

B.parts of Africa

C.dry parts of the United States

D.wet parts of England

3.From the passage, we learn that______.

A.all plants can eat people

B.all plants can eat animals

C.some plants can eat people

D.some plants can eat animals

4.The underlined word"presses"probably means______ in Chinese.

A.挤压 B.关上 C.打开 D.松开

5.—Why do some plants eat animal meat?


A.plants are dangerous to animals

B.animals are dangerous to plants

C.plants want to get what they need from animal meat

D.plants want to protect themselves against animals


In 1959, when Jean Harper was in the third grade, her teacher asked them to write a report on what they wanted to be when they grew up. She poured her heart into her report and expressed her dream of becoming an airline pilot. Her paper came back with an “F” on it. The teacher told her it was a “fairy tale”. Jean wascompletely disappointed. As the years went by, Jean was beaten down by the discouragement. “Girls can’t become airline pilots; never have, never will. You’re crazy.” Finally Jean gave up.

In her senior year of high school, her English teacher was Mrs. Dorothy Slaton, a strict teacher with high standards. One day Mrs. Slaton asked this question, “What will you do in the future?” Jean felt a rush of the old enthusiasm (热情), and with excitement she wrote down the very old dream right away.

The next thing that Mrs. Slaton said changed the course of Jean’s life. “I have a little secret for you. You do have unlimited (无限的) abilities and talents. When you leave school, if you don’t go for your dream, no one will do it for you. You can have what you want if you try!”

The hurt and fear of years of discouragement disappeared suddenly. Jean felt thrilled and told her teacherabout her dream of becoming a pilot. Mrs. Slaton slapped () the desk top, “Then do it!” she said.

So Jean did. It didn’t happen overnight. In her l0 years of hard work, even facing all kinds of difficulties, she never gave up her dream.Eventually, Jean Harper became a Boeing 737 captain (机长) of the United Airline Company.

1.Jean’s third-grade teacher thought her dream to be _____________.

A.great B.impossible C.challenging D.reasonable

2.Mrs. Slaton may think that _____________.

A.Jean is not a nice girl

B.only some of her students have great abilities

C.a belief helps to realize one’s dream

D.her students are good enough to enter the best schools

3.According to the passage, we can infer that _____________.

A.Jean’s dream was always in her deep heart

B.Jean didn’t go for her dream

C.most people around Jean were for her dream

D.Jean achieved her dream overnight

4.What does the underlined word thrilled in Paragraph 4 mean?

A.excited B.surprised C.disappointed D.relaxed

5.What’s the best title of the passage?

A.Face Difficulties B.Dream the Future

C.Voice Your Dream D.Go for It


??? In the modern world computers and the Internet are getting more and more popular. Most people think they are very useful in their work and lives.

The first computer was born in 1946. It was very big and it worked slowly. Today computers are getting smaller and smaller, but they work faster and faster. What can computers do? Computers can do many things.

At the same time, our world is getting smaller and smaller with the Internet. The Internet came into the world about twenty-five years later than computers. It makes our lives easier. If you are far away in America, you can talk to your family on the Internet. If you want to read a good book, but you don’t have time to buy it in the bookstore, you can read it on the Internet. You can also read newspaper, do some shopping, play games and make friends on it.

Many students like the Internet so much that they would not like to do anything else. They make friends on the Internet, but they may not see these friends. Some of the students are cheated by (受……的欺骗) the “unreal friends”. Because of the Internet, some students can’t work hard at their lessons. Many of them can’t do as well as before in their studies. A few of them have to leave school.

We can use computers and the Internet to learn more about the world. But please remember, “Not all things are good for you.”


1.Which of the following about computers is WRONG?

A.The first computer was born in 1946.

B.Computers can help us with our studies.

C.Computers work much faster because they are smaller.

D.The first computer didn’t work as fast as computers now.

2.Our world is getting _________ with the Internet.

A.larger B.smaller C.more beautiful D.more colorful

3.When was the Internet born?

A.In 1921. B.In 1971. C.In 1980. D.In1900.

4.What does the writer think of computers and the Internet?

A.They are good for everyone and everything.

B.They are not good for children.

C.They are very useful, but sometimes they are bad for students.

D.They are good for only older people.

5.What’s the best title of the passage?

A.Computers and Our Lives

B.Computers and the Internet

C.The Internet and Our Lives

D.Computers or the Internet


??? How dangerous it would be if there was a fire! Winter is the time for us to learn a lot more about fire, especially what to do if we are caught in a fire.

1. Shout out

If you smell smoke or see fire, shout out “Fire!”. Shout as loudly as you can, because people may be asleep.

2. Call 119

First get help from your parents or call 119, and then try to put out the fire yourself.

3. Keep down close to the floor

If there is a lot of smoke in your room, keep down close to the floor.

4. Test the door

Test the door to see if it is closed. If the door is cool, open it carefully. If the door is hot, do not open it! Try to find a different way out.

5. Get out

If you can, get out of your home as soon as possible.

6. Don’t use the lift

Never use the lift during the fire. It may also go wrong.

7. Don’t go back

Never go back into a burning building!



1.The passage is mainly about _______.

A.how to look after yourself when you are on fire

B.what to do when you are caught in a fire

C.when to leave the burning place

D.why to call 119 when there is a fire

2.If people are asleep, what will you do when a fire breaks out in your building?

A.Call 120 for help as quickly as you can.

B.Wake your parents up at first.

C.Shout out “Fire!” as loudly as you can.

D.Run away as fast as you can.

3.Why shouldn’t you use the lift when a fire breaks out?

A.Because taking the lift is so slow.

B.Because the fire can burn the lift.

C.Because the lift is too crowded.

D.Because the lift may not work.

4.When a fire is burning, you test the door to _______.

A.find a different way out B.notice the fire clearly

C.call for a much quicker help D.see if it is closed and hot

5.If you realize you have left an expensive thing at home in a fire, you should _______.

A.not go back for it B.keep down close to the door

C.not get out D.keep calm



“If you agree with meplease Dianzan.” Do you know Dianzan is one of the most popular words on the Internet? When you think someone's ideas are rightwhen you think someone's articles are _____or when you are moved by what someone writes, you can click(点击)the praise sign. Anyhow, clicking the praise sign _____that you agree with someone or praise someone.

Dianzan is a kind of Chinese Internet language. People _____use it when they surf the InternetThere is a function(功能)of Dianzan in the QQ space. The QQ space has had the function _____2010. It didn’t become very popular until Sina blog(新浪博客)_____the function of Dianzan. In recent years, it has become more and more popular. When the 2015 New Year came, Chinese leader Xi Jinping used the word Dianzan to praise and _____his thanks to the great Chinese people.

Websites can know how many people support some ideas _____counting how many people click the praise sign. Experts can know _____teenagers are caring about through what they click the sign for. That can help them solve teenagers’ _____

Clicking the praise sign is really an _____thing. Have you ever clicked the sign for anybody on the Internet?

1.A.wonderful B.terrible C.hard D.awful

2.A.offers B.takes C.means D.avoids

3.A.never B.luckily C.slowly D.usually

4.A.after B.since C.in D.before

5.A.broke B.checked C.refused D.started

6.A.accept B.express C.create D.receive

7.A.by B.on C.at D.under

8.A.that B.where C.what D.when

9.A.plans B.happiness C.problems D.fairness

10.A.difficult B.surprising C.embarrassing D.easy


My best friend Alex failed in the math competition. I'd like to_________.

A.dress him up B.pick him up C.cheer him up D.cheer him on


— I’m afraid I’ve broken the chair.  

—________ , I can easily get it fixed.

A.Excuse me B.Never mind C.Go ahead D.You’re welcome.


I bought a big box ________ old books for kids in poor areas.

A.collects B.to collect C.collect D.collected


——Could you tell me ? every morning?

——Sure. I have to catch the school bus.

A.why you get up early B.why do you get up early

C.why did you get up early D.why you got up early


Zootopia, the cartoon, is popular ______ there are many lovely animals in it.

A.though B.because

C.if D.because of


— Excuse me. How can I get to Shanzihe Airport?

— Take Shanghai Road, follow the __________ and you can’t miss it.

A.way B.traffic C.notices D.signs


Many boy students think math is ______ English.

I agree. I’m weak in English.

A.much difficult than B.so difficult as

C.less difficult than D.more difficult than


My grandma’s hobby is________ cooking ________ watching TV.? It is square dancing.

A.not only; but also B.neither; nor C.both; and D.either; or


Li Ming will be ???? . His parents are going to have a party for his ???? birthday.

A.sixteen; sixteenth B.sixteenth; sixteenth

C.sixteen; sixteen D.sixteenth; sixteen


--- Is that man Mr. Green ? (2016?盐城市)

--- It ______ be him . He has gone to Paris on business .

A.may B.must C.can't D.shouldn't


There _____ only a little milk, an apple, two pears in the fridge.

A.has B.is C.be D.are


I can’t find my ticket. I think I have lost _________.

A.it B.one C.this D.them


My sister went to London ____May 25th, and come back ____a cold evening last week.

A.on; on B.in; on C.on; in D.in; in



Before dinner

1.on time.

You’d better2.a small gift.

During dinner

Never3.up to get the food.

After dinner

Don’t 4.at once or stay too long.

Call or 5.a thank-you note.





1.Now we know that music ________ almost everyone’s life.

A.plays an important part in

B.have nothing to do with

C.take part in

2.People become interested in pop music ________ .

A.when they go to school

B.when they go to high school

C.after they are adults

3.Music can make people ________.

A.both nervous and relaxed

B.neither rich nor poor

C.either happy or sad

4.The word “music” comes from the Greek word “muses” ________.

A.who are goddesses of the arts

B.which has special language

C.that has the same meaning as the English word “music”

5.Music is only one part of the arts________.

A.which has many spoken languages

B.that is very popular

C.which uses sounds differently



A.He’s a teacher. B.He’s a worker. C.He’s a doctor.



A.Very cold. B.Snowy. C.Cloudy.



A.At the zoo gate. B.At 8:30. C.In the zoo.



A.She will play the violin very loudly.

B.She will play the piano very softly.

C.She will listen to the radio softly.



A.Bicycling. B.Skating. C.Mountain climbing.


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