—Alice, what does this word mean?

—Sorry, I don’t know, ________. You can look it________in the dictionary.

A.either; for B.too; around C.either; up


—How about________out for a walk now?

—It sounds great. I really need to________some fresh air right now.

A.going; take in B.go; lead to C.going; take away


—More than 20________people died of COVID-19 in the U.S.

—The number will keep increasing________the government doesn’t take any steps right now.

A.thousand; unless B.thousand; if C.thousands; if


—What would you like to do to relax yourself?

—I prefer to________to music rather than________TV.

A.listen; watch B.listening; watching C.listen; to watch


—In Japan, the outbreak of COVID-19 caused panic buying of toilet paper.

—Many people stored it up for future use.

A.produced B.kept C.provided


—Tom, playing computer games is harmful to your eyes.

—I see. Thank you. I will do more sports instead.

A.bad for B.good at C.easy to


—I’m terribly sorry that I made fun of you this afternoon.

—Never mind, but please don’t do that again.

A.told jokes to B.played tricks on C.had fun with


—Did you see the famous star finally?

—Well, after three hours, she appeared at the gate at last.

A.took up B.showed up C.gave up


—The Chinese government is taking steps to control the epidemic(疫情).

—China is doing a good job.

A.stages B.stairs C.measures


—Good news! Seven more subway lines will be open this year in our city.

—Great! It will make our lives more convenient.

A.easier B.faster C.richer


—Why do English people talk so often about the weather when they start a conversation?

—Well, it’s probably because the weather is a safe topic.

A.perfectly B.patiently C.possibly


??? Do we need to wear masks during outdoor 1.(activity)? People do not need to wear masks when at home or outdoors as 2. as there are no crowds and the space is well-ventilated (通风良好的). People are 3. (advise) to wear surgical masks when in crowded places such 4.offices, shopping malls, workshops and restaurants. People in high-risk areas should 5. (wear) surgical masks all 6. time. Those 7.have cold symptoms(症状) such as 8. (cough) or sneezing, or have 9.(recover) from the novel coronavirus are suggested to wear masks. People working 40% special places such as hospitals, airports, prisons 10. nursing homes need to wear surgical masks or respirators of grade KN95/N95 or above.


??? Robots are one of the greatest i1.. They can do difficult and 2. (危险)work for us. So f3. robots haven't 4.(引起)any problems. They work for us like servants all the time. People are surprised at the rapid development of robots. No one knows for certain. Perhaps there will be a war b5. human beings and robots.


??? If you go shopping in any toy store, you can see clearly the different games and toys for boys and girls: there are a lot of pink toys on one side of the store for girls and dark colored cars, guns, and soldiers for boys. Some big stores with toys may even have a pink floor for girls and a blue floor for boys. In fact, it is difficult to buy a toy for a girl that is not pink.

Some people think that too much pink is bad for girls. Sue Palmer, writer of Toxic Childhood, is very worried that most girls over the age of three are crazy about the color. According to some scientists, this happens for two reasons. Firstly, most companies offer too many products in pink. Also, many parents think their little daughter looks cute in pink. Sue Palmer says that girls at this age cannot make proper decisions by themselves, but the pink can affect (影响) the choices and the decisions they will make in the future.

Some parents are worried too. For example, Vanessa Holburn, thirty-two, who has two girls under the age of four. Their bedrooms are a sea of pink and Vanessa is not happy. “Pink says that you are soft and gentle. Blue says that you are strong and powerful. I want my daughters to be strong and powerful. I'm worried that pink will not help them with that,” she says.

But not everyone thinks there's something wrong with pink, Grayson Turner is a father of three girls and he isn't worried at all, “People forget that things change all the time,” he says. “My girls used to love pink when they were little but as they get older, they change.” Turner explains that his twelve-year-old daughter never wears pink clothes anymore. “This love of pink is just a fashion and all fashions change,” he adds. “It’s only since the 1940s that people have started dressing girls in pink-before that it was a color for boys.”


1.How many reasons are there for most girls are crazy about pink?

A.Two B.Three C.Four

2.Which of the following best shows the structure of the passage?

A.①②/③④ B./// C./②③/

3.The underlined word "that" in Paragraph 3 means ________.

A.being soft and gentle

B.being strong and powerful

C.being gentle but powerful

4.According to Grayson Turner, ________.

A.parents needn't worry about pink toys

B.all little kids love the color pink

C.pink has always been a color for girls

5.The purpose of this passage is to ________.

A.explain why girls are crazy about the color pink

B.make parents less worried about the color pink

C.show people's different opinions about the color pink.


??? Once upon a time, a wealthy old man lived alone in a big house. He was growing weaker day by day and was unable to take care of himself, so he decided to hire a nurse to help with housework and take care of him, One day, the old man interviewed two nursesAnthony and Peter. Anthony happened to be a handsome young man, while Peter looked quite ordinary. The old man asked Anthony to make tea for him. After Anthony left, the old man turned to Peter and said, “Anthony has given me a very bad description of you. He said you are rude and untrustworthy. Is this correct?”

Peter thought for a minute and said, “If Anthony has a bad opinion of me, there must be something wrong with me. I should take some time to change these things.” The old man was very impressed by Peter's character. Meanwhile, Anthony returned with a cup of tea for the old man. The old man sent Peter to make breakfast for him. He then turned to Anthony and told him, “Peter spoke very poorly of you while you were gone. What do you think about this?” After hearing this, Anthony became angry and started cursing(咒骂).

In the end, the old man hired Peter. Although Peter looked quite ordinary, he had impressive inner (内在) beauty.

1.What did the old man want a nurse to do?

A.Help with housework and look after him.

B.Help with housework and look after his wife.

C.Work as a doctor.

2.What did Anthony look like?

A.Ordinary. B.Handsome. C.Old.

3.The old man told Peter that Anthony _________.

A.had had some bad words of him B.had praised him C.did not trust him

4.How did Peter react(反应) when he heard the old man's words?

A.He was angry. B.He took it seriously. C.He blamed Anthony.

5.What can we learn from the passage?

A.Ordinary people are more trustworthy.

B.Handsome men must be good men.

C.Inner beauty is more important than appearance.


??? Seeing blood in a horror movie might make you cover your eyes, but real blood isn't scary at all. In fact, blood is the gift of life and keeps us alive. That's why blood donors are considered lifesavers.

Blood donors are those giving blood—usually about 200ml at a time—to blood banks or blood donation(捐赠) centers. Then the blood can be used for people in need. For example, someone may have lost blood in accidents, or have a serious illness that requires his blood to be replaced. Hospitals and blood banks store the blood and try to keep enough on hand.

Donating blood is not difficult. Medical workers ask donors several questions to make sure the blood is safe to use. Then the donors relax, often reading a magazine or talking as their blood is drawn. Afterward, the donors may receive some juice or water and maybe fruit to give them energy. The process is simple, not scary. Most people are able to donate blood again in several months if they wish.

To give blood, a person must be at least 18 years old and must meet certain other requirements. Students of all ages, though, can learn more about the donation process by visiting a local blood donation center. Donating blood is not only one of the easiest ways to save lives. It is also an easy way to help a community.

1.Why are blood donors considered lifesavers?


2.Who are blood donors?


3.Is Donating blood difficult or easy?


4.What may donors receive to give them energy after donating blood?


5.How can students learn about the donation process?



??? Here is a famous story about the Great Wall of China. The story happened in the Qin Dynasty. It was a moving love story. 1. .

One day, the emperor. Qin Shi Huang, ordered his soldiers(士兵) to capture(俘虏) some young men. He sent the young men to build the Great Wall of China.

A young man named Fan Xiliang didn't want to get captured. 2. . He had nowhere to go and didn't know where to hide. When he heard the soldiers coming towards him, he was terrified.

At that time, a woman named Lady Meng Jiang was passing by Fan Xiliang. She saw the poor man and saved him. Fan Xiliang said thanks to Lady Meng Jiang. 3. .

Later on they got married. Unfortunately, Fan Xiliang was found and captured. He was sent to the Great Wall and worked there.

Lady Men Jiang waited for her husband day and night. Winter came, but Fan Xiliang failed to return. 4.. She took the warm clothes to the Great Wall, but she didn't find Fan Xiliang.

Someone told her that Fan Xiliang had died and that he was buried in the Great Wall. 5.. She cried so sadly that a part of the Great Wall collapsed(倒塌) and she finally found Fan Xiliang’s body.

A.Lady Meng Jiang prepared some warm clothes for her husband.

B.They fell in love with each other.

C.Do you want to know more about the love story?

D.He ran away from his home and planned to hide somewhere.

E.Lady Meng Jiang stayed by the wall and kept crying day and night.

F.Her husband died at last.



1.What caused Ma Long's parents' death?

A.A traffic accident. B.An earthquake. C.A flood.

2.Where does Ma Long live now?

A.In his grandparents'. B.In his uncle's C.In his teacher's.

3.What will the girl do for Ma Long?

A.Raise money for him.

B.Provide clothes for him.

C.Provide school things for him.



1.When did the man call Tommy?

A.Yesterday evening. B.This morning. C.This afternoon.

2.Where are the two speakers?

A.In the office B.In a hotel. C.At home.

3.What are the two speakers probably doing now?

A.Watching TV. B.Preparing a meal. C.Reading newspapers.



1.How long does it take Tom to go to school on foot?

A.Thirty minutes. B.Forty minutes. C.Fifty minutes.

2.Why doesn't Tom's mom want to drive to work today?

A.Because there are too many cars in the street.

B.Because she wants to take exercise.

C.Because her car doesn't work.



1.What is Rose?

A.A teacher. B.A nurse. C.A doctor.

2.When did Rose start to work as a volunteer?

A.In 2006. B.In 2008. C.In 2010.


Why can't the girl's grandfather sleep well?

A.Because of the strong light.

B.Because of the terrible air

C.Because of the noise.


Which city does the man like better?

A.Beijing. B.Chengdu. C.Shanghai.


How will the girl help people in need with the money?

A.She will build houses for them.

B.She will buy them some clothes and food.

C.She will pay for them to learn some living skills.


How many schools has Project Hope built in this area so far?

A.Five. B.Four. C.Three.


Who will the two speakers help?

A.The poor children. B.The old people. C.The blind people.


??? 王刚的妈妈是一名医生。武汉封城期间,她奔赴前线,和武汉人民共同战役。返程后,她和王刚讲述了当时的工作。请以王刚的名义写一篇80-100词的短文。文章必须包含表格中的所有信息。


1. 照顾病患;??????? 2. 学习防疫知识;

3. 鼓励病人相信自己;4. 工作繁忙,没有足够时间休息。


1. 让很多人获得健康; 2. 控制了病毒的传播; 3. ......





参考词汇:防疫 anti-epidemic? 病毒 virus



??? A solar-powered airplane finished its first international flight from Switzerland to Belgium. This is a big step for solar power. Solar energy is clean and useful and you can find it everywhere. But what is solar energy? How do we use it? Let’s find out.

Have you ever seen houses with shiny boards on the roofs? Those families are using solar power.

???? Solar power converts (转换) the sun’s energy which is said to be greater than the other energy used by all humans all the year. People can convert solar power into heat and electricity.

In the 1830s, British scientist John Herschel used a solar collector to cook food in Africa. This is said to be human’s first try at using solar energy. Today, people use it for many things.

Solar energy can light streets, warm houses and heat water. Unlike other resources, the sun’s energy will run out for billions of years.

Australian students from the University of New South Wales made a solar-powered car on their own. It reached a speed of 120 km per hour. The car uses the same amount of electricity as an oven (微波炉). Moreover, American scientists made a solar-powered nanosatellite (微型卫星). Scientists sent it into space in 2012 to try to find Earth-like planets.

However, solar power has its problems. The amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface changes because of time and weather.


1.It is _________ for a solar power when _________ flew from Switzerland to Belgium.

2.Solar power can be converted into _________ and it is _________ among all the energy people use all the year.

3.John Herschel, a scientist from _________ cooked food with a solar collector in Africa. And this is the first time for humans to _________.

4.Although solar energy can do many things for humans such as lighting streets, _________, people will _________ it billions of years later.

5.Australian students made a solar-powered car by _________ while American scientists made a nanosatellite which _________ into space in 2012.


??? Chinese-language teacher Xie Fang is excited because one of her students from Indonesia has been admitted (接收) to Beijing Language and Culture University. The 19-year-old student, Alvin Rizqi Adrain, achieved his dream of studying in China, Xie said at a primary school in Shunde, Guangdong Province.

Xie met the boy five years ago when she was chosen to teach Chinese at Budi Utama Three Languages National School in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. “Most Indonesian children start to learn Chinese after they enter primary school,” Xie said. “But the textbooks from Singapore seemed difficult for them.” Xie modified (修改) the content of the textbooks to make it easier to learn Chinese.

“More and more active students as well as those who were too shy to speak to me began to communicate with me in Chinese.” Xie recalled. One student, Alvin Rizqi Adrain, impressed Xie a lot. “At that time, he was a middle school student. He was so interested in Chinese that he worked very hard to learn and practice,” she said.

Bapak Djawadi, founder of the school, said that the reason he started the school was to help local children understand Chinese customs and values.

Those days in Indonesia are unforgettable for Xie. The local people have respect for Chinese teachers. Xie keeps in touch with her Indonesian students through the Internet.


1.How old is Alvin Rizqi Adrain?


2.When does most Indonesian children start to learn Chinese?


3.Why did Xie modify the content of the textbooks?


4.Who communicated with Xie in Chinese, active students or the shy ones?


5.What does the school help local children understand?




The wheat production is _________ that farmers _________it.


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