It's difficult for him ________ the river to school every day.

A.cross B.crossing cross


Bob doesn't like eggs, so he ________ eats food with them.

A.always B.sometimes C.never


—________ do you live from school?

—About 5 minutes’ walk.

A.How far B.How long C.How many


Miss Smith is good ________ music, and she is good ________ children in the music club.; with B.for; at C.with; at


Yan Jiashuo, a ________ girl, has won the prize of International Master of Memory.

Wow, she's great, isn't she?

A.ten-year-old B.ten-years-old C.ten years old


I often go to work ________bike, but today I go to work ________a bus.; by; in; on


He likes playing ________ piano, but he doesn't like playing ________ chess.

A.the; the B.the; / C./; the


??? 今年寒假,由于疫情影响,学校停课不停学,进行线上教学,学生在家通过网络上课。 假如你是王力,请根据你的寒假网课生活经历和变化,写一篇短文,并谈谈你的感想。

参考词汇:protect the eyesight(视力),heroes in harm's way (逆行者),be responsible for






Hi, my name is Wang Li. Because of this epidemic situation(疫情),all the students had tostudy online at home this winter holiday. So did I.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


??? Long long ago, there lived a great man named Zun Nun. One day a young man came to visit him and asked1.polite, "Please, sir.2.are great people like you dressed in such a way?"

After3.give his ring to the young man, he said, "I will answer your question, 4. first you must take this ring to the market and sell it for one gold coin.Looking at the dirty ring, the young man said in surprise, "Could this ring5.sell at the price?" Then he went to the market, but 6.somebody wanted to pay a gold coin for such 7. ugly ring. He went 8. and said sorry to Zun Nun. "Now go to the gold shop at the back of the street, and show it to the shopkeeper. Don't give your price; just wait and let him tell you how 9. he would like to pay.

The young man went to the shop, returned and reported, " The people in the market don't know the value of this ring. The gold shopkeeper said he would pay one thousand gold 10.coin for it. " "That's the answer to your question, my young friend. A person cannot be valued only from his dress. "


No one knows _________(确切地)what happened but many people have been ill.


You throw a peach to me, and I give you a white jade for __________??? (友谊).


Thanks to __________ (医疗的)staff, things will get better and better in 2020.


It was great that Leishenshan Hospital _________(提供)1,600 beds for the patients.


Go for it. __________ (不管)it ends good or bad, it was an experience.


These days the famous writer is busy __________??? (翻译)a book into Chinese.


It’s the __________ (糟糕的)Spring Festival we have ever experienced.


1 have been one of the __________??? (成员)in the soccer club.


Knowledge is your wealth which can't be __________ (偷走).


Nowadays teenagers have less _________(精力)than before, maybe they are too stressed out.


??? How to keep yourself safe from new coronavirus (新型冠状病毒)? Here are some ways.


Wearing it is one of the most useful ways to protect you from infections (感染). Make sure to wear it properly by tightening up (贴紧)the nose clip (鼻夹)and pulling the bottom of it over your chin (下巴)so that your nose and mouth are both covered.


Do it with soap and running water for at least 15 seconds before eating and after using the toilet, after returning home and after touching trash.


It can keep your body strong and it is one of the most important ways to help you stay away from catching any infections.

_________________??? .

Make sure that shared spaces have good air flow (流动)and avoid going to crowded places such as hospitals, railway stations and airports. Wear a mask if it is necessary.

A. Exercise more.

B. Try not to go out.

C. Wear a mask (口罩)outdoors.

D. Wash your hands often and properly.





5.In which column of a newspaper can you see this passage?

A.Sport. B.Science. C.Health. D.Education.


??? ①It's hard to turn down a tasty banana. They taste good and you don't have to wash them before eating them. However, British scientists say that the fruit may disappear by 2050.

②One reason for this is climate(气候)change. Scientists at the University of Exeter collected data (数据)from 27 countries and regions that produce 86 percent of the world's bananas. They found that climate change has improved growing conditions in 21 of these countries. In the past 60 years, the average yield (平均产量)has reached 1. 37 tons of bananas per hectare (公顷).

③However, if temperatures keep rising, this advantage will disappear. Ten of the countries, including India, the world5s biggest producer of bananas, will produce fewer bananas. By 2050, the fruit may die out.

?Shouldn't bananas grow more easily if it*s hotter outside? In fact, the perfect temperature range for growing bananas is between 24 and 32 "C. If temperatures get too high, they will stop growing.

?Diseases are another danger to bananas. Unlike other crops, the bananas we grow come from shoot cuttings (茎段)rather than seeds (系中子). This means that all banana plants have the same genotype. In other words, if a disease is able to kill one plant, it could kill them all.

⑥One serious disease is called Panama. Caused by fungus (真菌)in the soil, it spreads easily. It has spread across South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Australia. If one banana plantation suffers from the disease, it will take 30 years until it is able to grow bananas again. Scientists have yet to find a cure for this disease.

1.What does the underlined word "this" in Paragraph② refer to?

A.A banana is a much-loved fruit.

B.A banana tastes great.

C.A banana is convenient to be eaten.

D.A banana will die out in 30 years.

2.According to the passage, we can infer that ?

A.In the last few years, the average yield of bananas has increased.

B.Panama has killed all the bananas in some areas like South Asia.

C.The higher the temperature is, the better bananas will grow.

D.Bananas grow from shoot cuttings instead of seeds.

3.What does the passage mainly talk about?

A.The difficulties of growing bananas.

B.The perfect conditions of growing bananas.

C.The reasons for the disappearance of bananas.

D.The advice for growing bananas.

4.How is the passage organized?

A. B. C. D.


??? Do you have to wear uniforms to school every day? Do you like them or you just want to wear your own clothes? Many students just wonder why they can't wear whatever they like, for teenagers want to be different from others.

In fact, there are several reasons why school uniforms are a good idea. First of all, uniforms help the school look smart. The students feel that they belong to a particular (特别的)group. When every student in the school wears the uniform, nobody has to worry about fashion. Everybody wears the same style of clothes. Uniforms can be useful in unexpected ways. A school in Ireland has introduced an interesting new uniform. On the edge (边缘)of the jacket, there is a piece of cloth which gives off light in the dark. When the children are walking or cycling to school on dark mornings, car drivers can easily see them.

But can uniforms help improve school standards? The answer to this question is not clear. One study in America found that students5 grades improved a little after the school introduced uniforms. But some students didn't want to wear the uniform. Other American studies showed that uniforms have nothing to do with the school performance.

School uniforms are traditional in Britain, but some schools are starting to get rid of them. Students of some very good schools do not have to wear uniforms now. However, uniforms are still popular. Pupils at about 90 percent of British secondary schools wear uniforms.

1.Where are the interesting and useful uniforms from according to the passage?

A.Ireland. B.America. C.China. D.Britain.

2.Why can the new uniform be useful?

A.The whole jacket can give off light in the dark.

B.Students can wear it on dark mornings.

C.Students can wear it to walk or ride bikes.

D.It can make drivers see the students easily in the dark.

3.What’s the meaning of the underlined phrases in the last paragraph?

A.喜欢 B.使用 C.摆脱 D.改变

4.How does the writer start this passage?

A.By asking questions. B.By listing facts.

C.By showing numbers. D.By giving examples.


??? Kobe Bryant, one of the most famous basketball players was killed in a helicopter crash (直升机坠毁)in California, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven other people. Bryant was on his way to attend a youth basketball competition with his daughter. Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, had four daughters.

The cause of the crash is unknown until now. The helicopter carrying Bryant and the others crashed into a hilly area in bad weather conditions outside Los Angeles. Bryant lived in south of Los Angeles and often used helicopters to travel around the area to save time and avoid Southern California traffic.

Bryant was 41 years old. He was an 18-time All-Star player. He won five NBA championships (总冠军)and two Olympic gold medals. He was widely considered one of the greatest basketball players during his 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. When he finished his last game in NBA in 2016, Bryant was the third-leading scorer in NBA history with 33,643 points. He is widely expected to be chosen to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (奈史密斯篮球名人纪念堂)this year.

The basketball world and the Los Angeles community felt terribly sorry for the loss of this super star. NBA Commissioner (,总裁)Adam Silver said Bryant was one of the greatest stars in the game. But he added, he will be remembered most for inspiring people around the world to pick up a basketball and compete to the very best of their ability.

1.How many people died in the helicopter crash?

A.Seven B.Eight C.Nine D.Ten

2.What did Bryant want to do that day?

A.He wanted to go to a youth basketball competition.

B.He wanted to attend the basketball game in NBA.

C.He wanted to go back home.

D.He wanted to travel to Southern California.

3.Why did Bryant often use helicopters?

A.Because ifs safe and fast.

B.Because it took less time and could avoid busy traffic.

C.Because his family like traveling very much.

D.Because he has a big family.

4.What can we learn from the passage?

A.The crash is because of the bad weather conditions.

B.Bryant won five Olympic gold medals and two NBA championships.

C.Bryant is chosen to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this year.

D.Bryant will inspire the people who like basketball all the time.


??? The sun has just risen in the morning of another day. What can I wish this day may bring me?

Nothing that shall make the world or others poorer, nothing at the cost of other men, but just those few things which in their coming do not stop me but touch me rather, as they pass and gather strength (力量).

I wish that this day could bring me a few friends, who understand me, and yet remain my friends; I also wish that this day could bring me a job to do which has real value.

I wish that this day could bring me a mind brave enough to travel, even though there is no beautiful scenery (风景)and I wish that this day could bring me a understanding heart.

I wish that this day could bring me a sight of the rolling (连绵不断地)hills and the endless blue sea and of something beautiful which the hands of men have made.

I wish that this day could bring me a sense of humor, and the power to laugh, a little time with nothing to do.

And I look forward to a few moments of quiet, silent thinking in the morning of this day.

1.1 wish the day could bring me friends who are ______________.

A.friendly B.clever D.understanding

2.Which of the following do I wish to have?

A.Money. B.Delicious food. C.Free time. D.Power.

3.What can you infer (推断)about my life?

A.I lead a really busy life. B.I am very satisfied with my life.

C.I travel a lot around the world. D.I have a pretty valuable job.

4.What’s the best title of this poem?

A.A Beautiful Morning. B.Morning Wishes.

C.A Lot Of Wishes. D.Making Wishes.


??? A 93-year-old retired teacher is still busy over the winter vacation, giving lessons to the children in Buchen Village. This is the 20th winter since Mr. Ye first began teaching children Chinese and English for free.

Most of the children in the village are left behind as their parents work in other cities. Mr. Ye decided to offer help by giving free lessons. And his generosity does not stop there. Over the past 20 years, he has spent over 300,000 yuan on the children — almost all his savings. In 2012, he set up a scholarship to help the students in need. He doesn5t have much money now, but Mr. Ye says he is rich in spirit.

In the summer of 2018, Mr. Ye was hurt while riding a bike to school. He was asked to rest in bed for months, but he went back to the children quickly. Now in his 90s, Mr. Ye still keeps teaching for five hours every day. Thanks to him, many volunteers from different universities come to the village to teach the children.

"This is what education should be like. Its purpose is to teach students how to become better people, " said Mr. Ye.

1.Mr. Ye started to teach children for free when he was __________.

A.20 B.37 C.73 D.93

2.What does the underlined word generosity probably mean in Chinese?

A.慷慨 B.行为 C.贡献 D.捐助

3.What can we know about Mr. Ye from the passage?

A.He is very rich and kind.

B.He rested in bed for months after an accident.

C.He has been teaching in the village for more than 20 years.

D.He not only teaches students for free, but also gives away money to help them.

4.What is this passage mainly about?

A.The purpose of education. B.The needs of the students.

C.A great teacher. D.The volunteer teachers.


??? I used to watch her from my kitchen window. She seemed so _________as she struggled her way through the crowd of boys on the playground. The school was across the street from our home and I would often watch the kids as they_________during breaks. I remember the first day I saw her playing_________. She was the only girl playing with a group of boys. I watched _________as she ran circles around the other kids. She managed to shoot jump shots just over their heads and into the net. The boys always tried to _________her but no one could. I began to_________her at other times, basketball in hand, playing alone.

One day I asked her_________she practiced so much. Without a moment of hesitation (犹豫) she said "I want to go to college. The only way I can go is to get a scholarship (奖学金). I like basketball. I think that if I were good enough, I would get a scholarship. I am going to play college basketball. I want to be _________. My daddy told me if the dream is big enough, the facts don't _________. " Then she smiled and ran back to the playground to continue the training. I watched her through those junior high years and into high school. Every week she led her school team to victory.

One day in her senior year, I saw her__________in the grass, head in her arms. I walked across the street and also sat down in the cool grass beside her. __________I asked what was wrong. "Oh, nothing, " came a soft reply. "I am just too short. " The coaches told her that she would probably never get to play for a top ranked team —__________offered a scholarship. So she should stop dreaming about __________. It’s out of reach for her. She was__________

and I felt my own throat tighten as I sensed her disappointment. But I didn't know how to cheer her up. After both keep silent for quite a while, I asked her if she had__________her dad about it yet. She didn't say anything for another few minutes but then she__________her head with tears in her eyes and she told me firmly that her father said those coaches were __________. They just did not understand the power of the__________. He told her that if she truly wanted a scholarship and then nothing could stop her __________one thing—her own attitude. Then she dried her eyes, stood up and ran towards the playground to repeat the routine.

The next year, __________she was still not tall enough, she was offered a full scholarship and on the college team as she and her team went to the Northern California Championship game. She was going to get the college education that she had dreamed of and worked toward for all those years for free.

Just have a big dream and keep on chasing it. Maybe it will come true one day.

1.A.heavy B.tall C.small D.thin

2.A.chatted B.laughed C.shouted D.played D.volleyball fear surprise joy peace

5.A.stop C.push D.pull

6.A.feel B.know C.realize D.notice

7.A.where C.why D.when

8.A.the quickest B.the youngest C.the strongest D.the best

9.A.trouble B.come C.stop D.matter

10.A.standing B.sitting C.lying D.running

11.A.Quickly B.Suddenly C.Carefully D.Quietly

12.A.much more B.much less C.much better D.much worse C.fame

14.A.strong-willed B.warm-hearted C.well-behaved D.heart-broken

15.A.listened to B.turned to C.talked to D.written to

16.A.lifted B.touched C.nodded D.lowered

17.A.wrong B.right C.strict D.stupid

18.A.magic B.dream C.hope D.luck

19.A.besides B.except C.including D.without

20.A.because B.when C.although D.since


??? 假设你是李华,你写信邀请来自国外的朋友Jack来宁夏游玩,内容包括:

1. 你将去机场接他。

2. 到沙湖游玩:



提示词语: the Sand Lake 沙湖??? camel 骆驼???? slide the sand 滑沙


1. 紧扣主题及提示,适当发挥,以使行文连贯

2. 词数80左右。邮件格式已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear Jack,



Li Hua


??? If wearing Google Glass- a pair of smart glasses—on your face isn’t cool enough, you might want to take a look at Nokia’s new skirt. It’s made of 80 mobile phones! It’s believed to be the world’s first smart skirt and has been shown at London Fashion (时装)Week. The smart skirt was created by the mobile phone company Nokia, fashion designer(设计师) Fyodor Golan and creative design house Kin.

It’s not easy to make a smart skirt. It took three months to complete it. The biggest challenge in making the skirt was getting all of the mobile phones on the skirt, and allowing all the mobile phones to work together. The screens are all connected to a computer. As the skirt moves, the screens change color and the skirt looks like silk. That’s not the only trick. The mobile phones are also connected to a hidden camera in the wearer’s hat. The screens can show what the wearer is seeing.

Unsurprisingly, the skirt won’t be making its way to shops. Instead, it’s more of an art piece. Nokia said they wanted to find a way to connect the smart technology and fashion together. “We used drawings, 3D printing, and programming languages to ‘build’the skirt, ” explained Nokia.

How many mobile phones are used in the smart skirt?

?? ?? are used.

How long did it take to make this smart skirt?

It took ??? ?? .

How about getting all of the mobile phones on the skirt, and allowing them together?

It is ?? ??? in making the skirt.

Why did Nokia make this smart skirt?

They wanted to find a way to connect the smart ??? ??? together.

What did they use to ‘build’the smart skirt?

Drawings, 3D printing, and ??? ???? .









??? The Spring Equinox(春分)is the 1.(第四)of the 24 solar terms(节气). It is not only important in China, but also in many other countries around the world. It is a public holiday in Japan.In Iran, it is known as the Iranian New Year.

The Spring Equinox is the best time for people to go outside. The2.(成年人) can admire flowers and the children can fly kites in the open air. Besides, there are also activities that have been kept over3.(世纪), such as balancing eggs.

Earth is supposed to be more balanced on this day. It’s usually difficult to balance an egg. But on the Spring Equinox, it is4.(相信) that there are some special forces that can help.

However, this isn’t true. If you are5.(耐心的)enough, you can actually balance an egg on its end any day of the year.But balancing eggs is still an interesting tradition for people on the Spring Equinox. Do you want to give it a try?


??? I walked into a restaurant and ordered some food. After about twenty minutes, 1. large group of people came in and ordered theirs.

To my disappointment, the group got their food before me. I watched as they began to eat and laugh 2.(happy). I even overheard one of them bragging(吹嘘)about how he was connected to everyone in the restaurant. Unable to take it anymore, I called the waiter over to cancel my order.

He told me, “3.(you) is a special order. The head cook is 4.(prepare) for it himself now. It will take more time. Please have some juice as you wait.”

I 5.(sit) down and waited patiently. Shortly after, my meal was 6.(serve) by six waiters. To my surprise, the 7. (own) of the restaurant happened to be an old friend of mine. He changed my simple food to a five-star meal It was one of the most expensive meals in the restaurant. The people at the other table were shocked, 9. (ask) why they didn’t get that kind of service and meal.

Such is life! Some people are ahead of you, talking about how they are smarter, wiser and better 10. you. You are working hard wondering why it’s taking so long to be rewarded(奖励) the way they have.

??? Don’t worry! You just have to wait a little longer because your reward is more special.


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