In some science fiction movies, evil robots refuse to die, no matter how hard people fight back.

Now science fiction has become science fact. For the first time, scientists have made a robot that can take a beating (挨打) and keep on going. Scientists from Cornell University made the robot, which looks like a spider with four legs.

Until now, even the most advanced (先进的) robot was almost certain to break down when it was damaged. That is because its computer inside simply doesn’t know how to make the machine work after its shape has changed.

To deal with this problem, the scientists put eight motors (发动机) and two sensors (传感器) that read how the machine is working. They all give signals to the machine’s software. Using this information, the computer can then figure out the machine’s shape??????? at any moment.

The new technology is a big advance in robot-making, scientists say, and it’s far from scary. It may someday help scientists create better artificial (假的) arms and legs and give new freedom to people who losethem. It might also help scientists understand how people and animals figure out their own sense of place in space.

“It has been difficult to design robots that can work well when the environment changes or when it’s damaged,” says Olaf Sporns of Indiana University in US. “With this work, we are nearer to solving this problem.”

1.Why do robots easily break down when they are damaged?

A.They cannot repair themselves.

B.The computer has changed a lot.

C.They have no computers inside.

D.The computer cannot work if the robot changes.



2.The new technology allows the robot to _________. house work for humans

B.keep working after being damaged

C.remember a lot of information

D.tell people where it is

3.The underlined word “them” in Paragraph 5 refers to ________.



C.arms and legs


4.How do the sensors in the robot work?

A.They can replace the computer when it’s broken.

B.They can find out where the damage comes from.

C.They help the computer learn the robot’s condition.

D.They can send signals to the person who uses the robot.


??? On January 27, in order to win the new pneumonia Resistance War (抗新型肺炎战)? , the Ministry of Education issued (公布) a notice on putting off the start time of school in spring 2020. It was said that school should not start before February 17. The exact start time of school will depend on situations and further notices.

However, many parents are very worried that putting off the start of school may affect children's studies. If they have such a long winter vacation, children will not learn any knowledge, read books or study at all. They may forget what they have learned before. Staying at home for a long time will make them keep eating, sleeping and playing, which seriously affect their physical and mental health.

In short, the close of school influences learning and develops bad habits, so how should we avoid these problems? Local education departments have also issued a notice, that is, to organize online teaching and create a network platform (平台) , where necessary courses will be shown every day, and online teaching will be given by excellent teachers of the subject, and students can learn at home through computer or mobile network.

It should be said that such a method is very good. It can not only keep students indoors and not worry about the infection (感染) of the disease, but also make them study at home, improve their learning ability, and truly achieve "no suspension of classes". Both the platform itself and the recorded lesson resources are more useful, and are welcomed by parents and teachers.

Of course, except for learning at home, it is also necessary to teach children about health knowledge, especially how to keep away from touching virus and other knowledge popularization; at the same time, it is also necessary for children to do some physical exercises or some games, which is good for physical health at home.

1.Parents worried about putting off the start time of school because________.

A.children may be infected by virus

B.they don't like the idea of online learning

C.children's study may be affected

D.parents have no time to look after children

2.The underlined word "suspension" in Paragraph 4 probably means________.

A.plan B.stop C.growth D.change

3.Which is TRUE according to the passage?

A.Students would rather go to school.

B.The date of going to school is decided.

C.Online teaching will help students study.

D.Parents believe children can teach themselves.

4.What's the best title for this passage?

A.A Special Way to Learn at Home

B.A New War with a New Chance

C.A Way to Keep Mentally Healthy

D.A Method to Make Parents Worried


There are a lot of music festivals to look forward to in the coming months.

Firefly Music Festival

Many people have thought of going to Delaware for a summer vacation, and mid- June is a great time to plan a trip if you love music.

Date: June 14-17

Place: Delaware, USA

Music Type: Country Music

Roskilde Festival

This music festival has a long history since 1971. What's interesting about this festival is that you can get to know some artists from different countries.

June 30-July 10

Cambridge, England

Music Type: Rock

Secret Solstice

Come to Paris. Not only will you have great music in the Secret Solstice, but you can also visit some old museums.

Date: June 21-24

Place: Paris, France

Music Type: Folk Music

Montreal International Jazz Festival

All jazz lovers should come to the Montreal International Jazz Festival at least once in a lifetime. This event brings together some of the best musicians.

Date: June 28-July 7

Place: Montreal, Canada

Music Type: Jazz

1.What is common to the music festivals in the text?

A. They are all held in Europe.

B. They are all about country music.

C. They are all given outdoors.

D. They all take place in summer.

2.What can we know about Delaware from the text?

A. It is a good choice for summer holiday.

B. It is an old city with many old museums.

C. It has musicians from different countries.

D. It has interested jazz fans around the world.

3.Which music festival will last for the longest time?

A. Secret Solstice.

B. Roskilde Festival.

C. Firefly Music Festival.

D. Montreal International Jazz Festival.


Don’t be too quick to judge others

A woman was at an airport waiting for her flight to start boarding. She still had a lot of time, so she went to a shop and bought a book to read. While she was in the shop, she decided to buy a bag of_______as well.

She arrived at her gate, sat down and started reading her book. She was so focused on her book_______she didn’t notice what was going on around her._______she did see that a man had sat down next to her and_______one of her cookies out of the bag.

She pretended(假装)not to notice, _______she didn’t want to make a scene(吵架). But then the man took more. He kept eating the cookies until there was just one _______. The man took the _______cookie and broke it in half. He tapped()the woman on the shoulder and held out one _______ to her.

The woman could not believe how much nerve this man had to steal all her cookies and then _______half a cookie in return. She________grabbed () the half-cookie out of his hand and ate it.

Finally, it was time for her to board. But as she went to the gate, she realized that her bag of cookies was ________in her purse. The man had been eating his own cookies the whole time and ________wanted to share the last one with her. The woman blushed. She sincerely wanted to apologize (道歉) to the man ________her rudeness.

When we’re not paying attention to the world around US, it can be easy to misunderstand________is happening or even become angry with others. It is better to keep our eyes open and think about every________when trying to understand a particular situation.

1.A.chocolate B.sweets C.snacks D.cookies

2.A.this B.that C.after D.before

3.A.Or B.So C.But D.And

4.A.brought B.picked C.bought D.taken

5.A.if B.though C.unless

6.A.left B.other C.more D.else

7.A.second B.first C.last D.late

8.A.bag B.piece C.loaf D.half

9.A.showed B.brought C.offered D.provided

10.A.happily B.excitedly C.sadly D.angrily

11.A.just B.even C.also D.still

12.A.differently B.probably C.simply D.hopefully C.with D.for B.why C.when D.what

15.A.condition B.experience C.chance D.possibility


—I can’t go with you today. There will be a test tomorrow.

—________.May be next time.


(题文)--I think you are different now.

--of course,times have changed,and???????

A. so have I??? B. so I have??? C. neither have I??? D. neither I have


(2016?盐城市)We must do everything we can ______waste water from running into rivers .

A.prevent B.prevented C.preventing prevent


Paul is really considering________himself to________ those children in the earthquake-hit area. devote, teaching B.devoting, teaching C.devoting, teach devote, teach


—If you always________yourself with others, you may have tons of pressure.

—I agree. We should believe in ourselves. B.complain C.connect D.consider


—It’s so cold! Why not close the window?

—Sorry. It________. I’ll have it________.

A.won’t be shut , repaired B.won’t shut , repairing

C.haven’t shut , repairing D.isn’t shutting , repairing


_______,when Marx was already _______,he found it was important to study the situation in Russia, so he began to learn Russian.

A.In 1870s, in his fifties

B.In 1870s, in fifties

C.In the 1870s, in fifties

D.In the 1870s, in his fifties


This is the best book________I have read.

A.\ B.whose C.which D.who


--- Could you tell me ___________________________?

---Yes. It will be in service in about two years.

A.where is Lianyungang Grand Theatre long will it take to build the Huaguoshan International Airport of Lianyungang soon the Lianxu High-Speed Railway will be built

D.what is the best time to visit Lianyungang


Up to now, almost ________ of the students in the class have completed ________ of their work.

A.two-thirds; 60 percents B.two-thirds; 60 percent

C.two third; 60 percents D.two third; 60 percent


Our headteacher said that the talent show we were looking forward to ______ because of the heavy snow.

A. cancelling B. was cancelled C. being cancelled D. cancelled


The manager reached Nanjing last Wednesday. He________there for 10 days.

A.has been B.has got C.has reached D.has arrived


—Have you ever heard of “clothes sharing”, Anita?

—Yes. It can________satisfy(使满足)women’s endless need for beauty and fashion________offer a new way to go green.


Which word has a different pronunciation?

A.wealthy B.direcror C.mess D.shape


??? 今年暑假学校要接待一批英国交换生,因此需要招聘一些志愿者。假定你是李明,请根据下面的招募广告,用英文写一封自荐信。

注意:1. 词数100左右。开头和结尾已经写好,不计入总词数;

2. 回复须包括所有要点,可适当发挥,使短文连贯,通顺;

3. 文中不得提及真实的人名、校名等相关信息。

Dear Mr Yang,

I would like to become a volunteer of the school project.



I will be very happy if I am chosen to be a volunteer. Looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming



Strawberries look nice, but a light pressure can make them out of shape. Nowadays, there are many young people who are just like strawberries.? When they face d1., they easily break down. They don’t know what to do when they are in t2.. They have a common name---strawberry kids.

?? Why is it so e3. for many students to break down? Parents and schools are a main reason. Parents do almost e4. for them in their daily life, while schools care more about their m5. instead of developing their personality.

?? Liu Yue, 13 years old, is from Fujian. His mom h6. criticizes him and he always feels good about himself. When a teacher criticized him strictly, he felt surprised and sad. He began to d7. his abilities.

?? Students should do something to make them mentally (精神上) strong. An expert said, “When you have problems, don’t ask for help too q8.. You should try to deal with problems first by yourself. I also a9. you to take an active part in sports and social activities. That can make you mentally strong.”

?? G10. up is not just a happy process. Pains also go along with it. The most important thing is to face the pains bravely and learn from them.


It is very relaxing for me to________ () on a soft sofa after a long time study.


Nothing is more important than people’s safety and ______. (健康)


In fact, medical workers are real ________(英雄) of our time.


Compared with our school, _______ is bigger. (他们的)


Don’t worry. The storm won’t________ (持续) long.


Every Sunday morning, I take a light jog around a park near my home. There’s a lake in one corner of the park. Each time I jog by this lake, I see the same elderly woman sitting by the lake with a small metal cage beside her.

Last Sunday, my curiosity (好奇心) got the better of me, so I stopped jogging and walked over to her. As I got closer, I found that inside the metal cage were three turtles, slowly walking around. She had a fourth turtle on her lap (大腿) that she was carefully brushing.

??? “Hello,” I said. “I’d love to know what you’re doing with these turtles.”

??? She smiled. “I’m cleaning their shells,” she replied. “Anything on a turtle’s shell, like algae (海藻) or scum (浮沫), stops the turtle from swimming. It can also weaken the shell over time. I’m doing this to help the turtles. It’s my own way of making a difference.”

??? “Wow! That’s really nice of you! But there are turtles living in lakes all around the world. And few of these turtles have kind people like you to help them clean their shells. So how exactly are you sure that you are truly making a difference?” I questioned. 

??? The woman laughed aloud. She then looked down at the turtle on her lap, brushed the last piece of algae from its shell, and said, “Sweetie, every act of kindness matters. If this little guy could talk, he’d tell you I just made all the difference in the world.”


1.Where does the old woman sit each time the writer meets her?


2.When did the writer decide to have a talk with the old woman?


3.How many turtles did the woman have when the writer stopped to ask her?


4.Why did the woman clean the turtles’ shells?


5.What can you learn from the story?



Would you like to be comfortable talking to other people? Holding conversations may help. Holding conversations may not seem like a skill. After all, everyone talks to other people frequently. But talking to new people makes many people nervous.

Here are some ways to make conversations more fun and less awkward (尴尬的).

Body language

As strange as it may seem, much communication happens without any words. The way you stand and act tells people a lot about you. When you’re talking with someone, stand up straight and look them in the eye. This shows your confidence. And if you’re nervous, acting like you aren’t can help you feel better. When you’re listening, look at the other person. Lean forward to show that you’re interested in what they’re saying.

Back and forth

A good conversation is not a speech, which means that both people need to participate. If you’re doing all the talking, pause to allow the other person to speak. If they don’t say anything, try asking them a question.

Questions can also help if you’re struggling (挣扎) to think what to say. Maybe they’ll say something you know or you can reply to. When you ask questions, try to think of open-ended ones. That means questions where the answer is more than just “yes” or “no”. Open-ended questions in English usually start with who, what, when, where and why.

Don’t fear silence.

Don’t feel worried or frightened if the conversation has quiet moments. Every conversation has some. Treat them as chances to change the subject to something you’re interested in. You could also comment on (评论) something you’ve done recently. Or you can ask a question about the other person.

So if you’re shy, be brave, ask a question, and start a conversation. As with any skill, you will improve on holding conversations with time.

Learn to be 1. talking to others


Everyone needs to talk to others often. But talking to new people makes many people nervous. Holding conversations may be of some 2. to you.



3. to

improve your




Body language

*Stand up 4. and look them in the eye.

*Act like you aren’t nervous at all while talking.

*Lean forward to show your 5. in their topic.

Back and forth

*Pause to give the other person time to speak.

*Try to 6. of open-ended questions to ask.

Don’t fear


*Stay 8. if the conversation has quiet moments.

*Treat them as 9. to change the subject of your talk.

*Comment on your recent behaviour or ask a question.


You will succeed in improving your conversation skills 10. time goes on.




??? The clock struck twelve.

Scrooge looked around him for the Ghost, but he couldn’t see it. Then he remembered old Jacob Marley’s prediction. He lifted his eyes, and he saw a serious Ghost. The ghost wore a black robe (长袍). The robe covered its head, its face and its body. The only thing visible was a hand. The ghost neither spoke nor moved. Scrooge was terrified. 

“Are you the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?” asked Scrooge.

The Ghost didn’t answer, but it pointed its hand in front of it.

“You are going to show me the future,” Scrooge continued. “Am I right, Ghost?”

The Ghost nodded its head. That was the only answer Scrooge received.

“Ghost of the Future,” he said, “I’m more afraid of you than of all the other ghosts. But because I want to be a better man, I will go with you. Please, speak to me.”

It didn’t reply. The hand pointed straight in front of them.

“Lead on!” said Scrooge.

The Ghost moved forwards. Scrooge followed in the shadow of its robe. And the robe carried him along. The city suddenly appeared around them. There they were, in the heart of it. The Ghost stopped beside some businessmen at the Stock (股票) Exchange. Its hand was pointing to them, so Scrooge listened to their conversation. 

“I only know he’s dead,” said a great fat man.

“When did he die?” asked another.

“Last night, I think.”

“What was the matter with him?” asked a third.

“God knows,” said the first, with a yawn.

“What has he done with his money?” asked a red-faced gentleman.

“I don’t know,” said the great fat man, yawning again. “He hasn’t left it to me. That’s all I know.”

Everybody laughed.

“It will be a very small funeral (葬礼),” said the great fat man. “I don’t think anybody will go to it.”

Scrooge knew the men. And he looked towards the Ghost for an explanation. He didn’t understand why this conversation was important. But he knew it must be. 

Scrooge looked around the place. He looked at the clock. It was strange. He was usually there at this time, but he couldn’t see himself.

1.What does the underlined word “terrified” in the passage probably mean?

A.excited B.bored C.surprised D.scared

2.What did Mr. Scrooge ask the Ghost to show him?

A.His past. B.His present. C.His future. D.His funeral.

3.Why did Mr. Scrooge follow the Ghost all the way?

A.Because he was too afraid to say no.

B.Because he wanted to be a better man.

C.Because he was curious about his future.

D.Because he wanted it to give him an explanation.

4.How did the businessmen feel about the dead man?

A.They didn’t take pity on him.

B.They felt sad about his death.

C.They showed great respect for him.

D.They felt very happy for having his money.

5.What can you infer (推断) from the passage?

A.The Ghost didn’t appear until 12 o’clock.

B.The dead man would probably be Mr. Scrooge himself.

C.Scrooge knew those businessmen at the Stock Exchange.

D.The Ghost would explain all the things in detail to Scrooge later.


??? Loneliness, a natural feeling, is not something most people want to experience. When you feel lonely as a result of missing a loved one or a place, or preparing for a time spent away from your friends and family, here are some suggestions for you to avoid it.

Focus on your health

Studies have shown that poor sleep, lack of physical activity and unhealthy food can let you feel tired and sad, causing the feeling of loneliness. Try to get eight hours of sleep every night, try to take part in at least 30 minutes of physical activity, and don’t eat junk food. Eating more fruits and vegetables will also help.

Bring an old hobby back to life

It’s much more difficult to feel lonely if you’re actively enjoying an activity, especially one that you are good at. If you’ve got a hobby that you love, try to spare time for your hobby even if you are busy, such as reading, playing a sport, cooking, painting ...

Avoid staying at home all day long

Spending your time in nature will probably improve your feelings and help you get over loneliness. Sunshine makes you feel happier and less focused on your loneliness. You can go hiking, go boating or go on a bike ride if you are not interested in just walking around. You may go for a coffee with your friends or even make big plans so that you have events to look forward to. First, you can make possible activities you might want to take part in, then, spend a few days planning out the event, so that you are fully prepared and stress-free. If possible, include other people in your plan to make your activity more interesting.

All in all, it seems that facing your own loneliness is the first step to avoid loneliness. Do your best to follow the things above. It takes efforts, but it is worth your try.

1.Why do people feel lonely?

A.Because they live in a poor place.

B.Because they miss their loved people.

C.Because they like to experience that feeling.

D.Because they don’t want to stay with their friends and family.

2.Which of the following can make people feel lonely?

A.Junk food. B.Enough sleep.

C.Physical activity. D.Fruits and vegetables.

3.What can you learn from Paragraph 4?

A.It’s impossible to meet friends often.

B.Enjoy the sunshine and you can feel less lonely.

C.Spending time at home alone can help avoid loneliness.

D.Spending time planning the event will make you feel stressed.

4.What is the main idea of the passage?

A.Scientific reports about loneliness. B.Tips for choosing a suitable hobby.

C.Suggestions on planning out events. D.Advice on staying away from loneliness.


??? The epidemic (疫情) is scary. But it’s not all bad. In fact, we can learn some lessons from it.

Learn to be responsible

?? When facing the epidemic, everyone has to be ready. People have different responsibilities (责任). Doctors fight on the front line to treat?? patients. Police officers stay in position to keep us safe. Delivery (投递) men deliver daily things to us.

?? What are your responsibilities? You can follow the latest news and exercise to keep your body healthy and keep the virus away.

???????????????? ?? 35??

?? Feeling afraid is not a bad thing. You can learn to replace your fear with respect. When you respect laws, you are careful about what you do. When you respect others, you are kind to them. When you respect nature, you try to protect it.

?? Don’t just be afraid. Try to do what you believe in and do it with a respectful mind.

Learn to tell right from wrong

??? If you want to learn about something, you can easily find a lot of information about it online. But is all of it correct?

??? Don’t get lost in a sea of information. Think critically. You can also ask your parents or teachers and listen to what they say.

Learn to be calm

?? You might feel nervous and worried. These feelings are normal. When there are unexpected? changes, people might feel like this.

?? But life is full of unexpected changes. Try to accept them calmly. This can help you face those changes and find ways to deal with them.




1.What should we do when facing the epidemic?

A.We should be afraid of nature and laws.

B.We can believe all the information online.

C.We should be responsible for what we do.

D.We can do nothing to deal with the terrible epidemic.

2.Which of the following will be the best subtitle for the blank ???? ?

A.Learn to respect B.Learn to be kind to others

C.Learn to protect nature D.Learn to believe in yourself

3.What’s the writer’s purpose of this passage?

A.To warn us to listen to our parents.

B.To tell us to be ready when facing the virus.

C.To encourage us to face the changes calmly.

D.To ask us to learn lessons from the epidemic.


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