All students need to have good study habits(习惯). When you have good study habits, you can learn things quickly. You also remember them easily. Do you like to study in the living-room? This is not a good place because it is usually

too noisy. You need to study in a quiet place, like your bedroom. A quiet

place will help you only think about one thing, and you will learn better.

Before you begin to study, do not forget to clean your desk. A good desk

light is important, too. You are feeling tired easily if there is not enough(足够的) light.

1.When you have good study habits, you will __________.

   A. learn things quickly   B. remember things easily    C. both A and B

2.The living-room is not a good place for study because it is too ____.

   A. quiet               B. noisy               C. clean

3.You are feeling tired easily if the light is __________.

   A. good               B. enough               C. bad

4.You should remember to ___________ before you study.

   A. tidy the room        B. clean the desk        C. turn on the light

5.The best title(标题) for this passage is __________.

   A. Good Study Habits    B. How to Study    C. Desk Light is important


One Saturday morning, John and his mother went    31    a shoe shop    3

John a pair of new shoes. Mrs. Lee put her bag on a chair    33   she

looked at some shoes. She could not see    34  she liked and went away.

Suddenly(突然) she said, “Oh, my bag, someone    35    it away!” All the

other people in the shop stopped    36    and looked at her. John ran after

the man at once(立刻). A few minutes    37   , John came back with 38  .

He    39    it to his mother. She opened the bag and had a look in    40.

Then she said,“ Oh, god, nothing is lost.”

1.A. by           B. on         C. to             D. at

2.A. to buy        B. to give      C. to know        D. to take

3.A. although      B. so          C. but            D. when

4.A. some         B. a           C. any shoes       D. any bags

5.A. went         B. had         C. took            D. came

6.A. sitting        B. thinking     C. talking          D. eating

7.A. before        B. later        C. next            D. after

8.A. the bag       B. the shoes     C. the man         D. his son

9.A. give         B. buy          C. take            D. gave

10.A. one          B. it            C. them           D. her


--Sally is ill in hospital.


A. Excuse me              B. Oh, I don’t know 

C. I’m sorry to hear that      D. What’s wrong


 I hope there is __________with my eyes.

A.  wrong nothing      B.  nothing  wrong

C. anything  wrong      D. wrong something


 Smoking ________ your health. 

A. is bad for   B. is good for   C. is good to   D. is bad to 


-----__________    ----By bus.

A. How does he go to work?   B. Why does he go to work?

C. When does she go to work?  D. Where does he work?


Why not think about ______ to  Greece?

     A. went      B. going        C. to go       D. goes


Who is ___________ student in our class?    

A. best      B. the good     C. the best    D. good


I don’t like milk, but mother wants me ______. 

 A. drink     B. drinking    C. to drinking    D. to drink


Here _____the results of the student activity survey at Green High School.  

A. be       B. am       C. is      D. are


You _______ see a dentist when you have a toothache. 

     A. may       B. need        C. should           D. can 


 --_____ do you shop?    --I shop every  week.   

A. How far   B. How often   C. How much   D. How many


Maybe I’m not very healthy, ___ I have healthy habits.   

A. although      B. because     C. and      D. so


I think I’m _____ unhealthy.   

A. kind of      B. a litter      C. kinds of     D. pretty very.


---What’s the matter _______ Tom?   ---He has a high fever.   

A. to         B. with       C. and      D. for


I love junk food very much, but I try to eat ___ only once a week.   

A. its         B. them          C. it       D. they


 This is _____ unhealthy lifestyle.   

 A. the            B. \         C. a         D. an



请以“My Favourite Star”为题,按照下列要求完成一篇80词左右的短文:




My Favourite Star




Liao Xiaoyi is a pioneer environmental protection (环保事业倡导者) in china. She is regarded as a daughter of the earth. Why?

Liao Xiaoyi is the founder of the Global Village of Beijing. This organization has been working to help Chinese people know more about environmental issues (议题) since 1996.

20 years ago, Liao Xiao yi got interested in and began working on environmental issues. “In China, there is lots of water and air pollution. Many animals and plants are disappearing. But lots of people didn’t ①care about these problems,” she said.

After that, she began making TV programs, writing articles to let people        ②__________ environmental issues. The society appreciated (认可) Liao’s hard work. In 2006, she was chosen as one of the year’s eight Green Chinese Figures (绿色中国年度人物). Last year she became an environmental adviser (顾问) for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

“I’m a daughter of the earth. ③I am just doing what I should do,” Liao said.

What should we learn from her?

1. 根据文章意思,完成下列句子:

The Global Village of Beijing is an organization that can               


2. 文中①画线的词组的意思是:________________________

3. 从文章中找出一个恰当的词组填在文章的②空白处,使句子完整。

After that, she began making TV programs, writing articles to let people ______         ___ environmental issues.

4. 将文中③画线的句子译成汉语。

___________                                  _     __

5. Why is Liao Xiaoyi regarded as a daughter of the earth?




    A. I’ve gone to a paper factory.            B. That would be fine.

    C. That’s terrible!                       D. Yes, of course.

    E. Good idea!                          F. The river has become very dirty.

    G. I’ve been to a paper factory.

A:  Where have you been, Fang Li ? I called you, but you weren’t in your office.

B:  1._

A:  What did you do there?

B:  I found out that the factory was pouring waste water into the river near it. 2._. Lots of fish have died.

A: 3.  _.

B:  Do you think “Greener China” can do something?

A:  4._ . We can write a story about it to the TV station and the newspaper.

B:  5. _ . Businessmen are afraid of newspapers and TV stations.



1. 作为上海世博会的志愿者,李明的英语和他的汉语一样好。

     As a volunteer of Shanghai World Expo, Li Ming’s English is                                      

    his Chinese.

2. 钱学森把他的大部分时间都致力于中国航空事业

    Qian Xuesen                most of his time            China Space Science.

3. 我认为有一些影片对青少年有不良影响。

I think some films _________________________________ teenagers.

4. 他的建议对我的学习很有价值。

His suggestion _______________________________to me in my study

5. 你能和同学们相处融洽,我真是太高兴了。

  I am very happy that you can                                your classmates.                                                 



1. I hoped you ___     _____ ( bring) it here the following day.

2. While Kitty  ____________ (watch)TV, Tom ran into the room.

3. The football match ___          _____(cover) live on CCTV-5 at 9:00 next Sunday.

4. After the earthquake, many                 (home) people live in the tents.  

5. It is silly of you                        (not forgive) others for their faults.

6.What do you think of the movie Avatar(阿凡达)               (direct)by James Cameron ?

7. I’m strong enough ______   __      _____(carry)the big stone.

8. He                  (live) in Suqian for ten years before he came here.



1. The sun gives us not only light but also            (热).

2. Susan said she_____      _____(喜欢)water to milk in the past.

3. You can read the______________(最新的)information about Dolly,the first cloned (克隆的) sheep in this magazine.

4. They can improve the service of their restaurant by ________________ (训练) their waiters and waitresses.

5. Could you tell me how to _______________(be successful at something) a balance between my homework and my hobbies?  

6. The girl stayed up late last night, so she felt      _        (in need of sleep) in class today.

7. The girl’s c             and beauty attracted the director’s attention.


On Thanksgiving Day, a teacher asked her class of first-graders to draw a picture of something they were thankful for. She thought that these children from poor families actually had little to be thankful for. And she found most of them drawing pictures of flowers or tables with food. The teacher was very surprised to see the picture Douglas handed in. It’s a hand, a simple hand.

But whose hand? The class were very interested in the strange picture. “I think it must be the hand of God that bring us food,” said one child, “A farmer,” said another, “Because he grows beautiful flowers.” Finally when the others were at work, the teacher went over Douglas’ desk and asked whose hand it was. “It’s your hand, Teacher,” she said quietly and shyly.

She remembered that she had often taken Douglas, a dirty lonely child, by the hand while having a class break. She often did that with the children. But it meant so much to Douglas. Perhaps this is everyone’s thanksgiving, not for the material things we get, but for the chance, in whatever small way, to give to others.


1.When did the story happen?

A. On Christmas Day.               B. On Teachers’ Day.    

C. On Mother’s Day.                D. On Thanksgiving Day.

2.Why did Douglas draw the picture?

A. He was good at drawing it.             

B. His teacher asked him to draw it.    

C. He wanted to show his thanks to the teacher.               

D. He hoped to get a prize in drawing.

3.What do you learn about Douglas from the passage?

A. He was a lonely child.             B. He was very active in class.    

C. He always kept his hand clean.            D. He often answered questions loudly.

4.According to the passage, which of the following is an opinion (意见;主张;看法), but not a fact?

A. The teacher went over Dauglas’ desk and talked to him.             

B. Different people show their thanksgiving in different ways.    

C. The teacher often took Douglas by the hand after class.      

D. Most of the students were drawing the pictures of flowers or tables with food.


Look! There are thousands of people waiting to buy tickets home in the railway station. Each time when Spring Festival comes, buying tickets of train trip would be very hard. And things seem to be getting worse and worse, although we have greatly increased the mileage of railway network and speeded up trains. Why? It’s because too many people want to go back home to spend Spring Festival with their family. Many people become angry with the Ministry (部)of Railways.

They wonder why it is hopeless for them to get the tickets from the railway station(火车站)Instead, they sometimes can only buy them from ticket scalpers (票贩) at much higher price.

The Ministry of Railways estimated(估计)that about 188 million passengers would travel by train during the 40-day peak (高峰) period surrounding the 2009 Spring Festival holiday. The number of travelers will be 8% higher than that of 2008. This problem even drew the President Hu Jintao’s attention. He wrote a note to Liu Zhijun,Minister of the Ministry of Railways, asking him to take action to improve passenger convenience. Afterward, officials from the Ministry of Railways said they would try their best not to let any ticket-buyers spend Spring Festival at the railway station.

1. Many people can’t buy the tickets from the railway station, and they sometimes can only buy them from the scalpers_________.

     A. expensively       B. happily    C. dangerously    D. hardly

2. How many people took the train trip during the peak period surrounding the 2008 Spring Festival holiday?

     A. About 203 million.            B. About 188 million.

C. About 180 million.            D. About 174 million.

3.What does the passage mainly tell us?

     A. People go home much more easily during the Spring Festival.

     B. It is very hard to buy tickets in the railway station during the Spring Festival.

     C. President Hu Jintao cares about the railway building problem.

     D. The Ministry of Railways felt sorry about the problem.



We can’t live without love and we know what love is, but we don’t say only humans know what love is. Yes, it’s impossible for animals to do some things because of their physical body. However, sometimes some of them might be able to show us the love that we have forgotten on our “busy road”, just like the following story.

A dog, was knocked down by a car and died in the middle of the road. Later, another dog ran beside the body of the dead dog and he tried to wake his friend up using his legs. When his effort to wake up his friend failed, he tried to push his friend to the roadside. But his friend was too heavy for him to push.

Though traffic was busy and dangerous, he wouldn’t want to go away from his friend, just standing beside his friend shouting and crying.

A lot of people saw this story and were very touched (感动的). Even a dog can show his loyalty (忠诚) and love to his friend, what can our humans do?

1.The dog died because _______________.

A. it was badly ill                     B. it was knocked down by a car 

C. it was too old                      D. it fought against other dogs

2.The other dog saw it lying in the middle of the road and it wanted to ________first.

A. wake his friend up                 B. push his friend to the roadside    

C. catch up with the car               D. stop the traffic

3. We learn __________ from the passage.

A. the car driver is too cruel            B. animals can also show love

  C. the two dogs are brothers           D. friends are the best in the world



How did we help to save our earth this week? Let me tell you.

First, my family tried to save electrcity (电). We never left the lights  36  when leaving the room. We  37  the TV when nobody was watching it. Mum only used cold water in the washing machine.

Second, we started recycling (回收) this week. We tried to write on  38  of our paper, no just on one side. We also divided our rubbish into  39  bags for bottles, paper and food. Mum kept the plastic shopping bags from the supermarket to use them again as rubbish bags.

Third, my family started to save  40 .We stopped  41  long baths and had short showers (淋浴)  42 . We washed toilet with used water. Mum and dad used less water to do the washing. My sister and I didn’t leave the tap (龙头) running when we brushed our teeth.

At last, mum and dad began to save gas (汽油). Mum used to  43  us to school, but now my sister and I started riding our bikes to school. It’s hard work  44  good exercise!                                                       

This week dad and a few of the people in his company also started to go to work in one car and share the  45 .  

These are great ways to help protect our environment.

1. A. out             B. on                          C. off            D. behind

2.A. turn up             B. turn on          C. turn down         D. turn off

3.A. any side               B. all sides          C. neither side       D. both sides

4.A. large                    B. small                     C. different       D. the same

5.A. electricity       B. food        C. water             D. paper

6.A. to use                  B. making                 C. to have                     D. taking

7.A. again                    B. instead         C. already      D. too

8.A. drive            B. order                    C. show              D. carry

9.A. or                     B. but            C. for               D. and

10.A. pay                B. value               C. cost                     D. price


Something was wrong with the computer . I had no choice ____ to wait.

A. except           B. besides            C. beside       D. but


 Does our headmaster have _______________ to tell us?

A. something important                 B. important something           

      C. anything important                   D. important anything


I’d rather           than           .

        A. read books; watch TV            B. reading books; watching TV

        C. to read books; watch TV          D. read books; to watch TV


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