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Most of us spend all day at school or wo...

Most of us spend all day at school or work. After a long and busy day, all we want to do is to return to a comfortable home. Smart technology can turn any home into a nicer place to live in.

Smart homes have been around for some time. Scottish company Pico Electronics invented a type of technology called X10 in 1975. It allows household devices(设备), such as lights and alarms, to communicate with each other by using radio waves, according to AVSytemsMag, a specialized magazine in the audiovisual and automation(视听及自动化)industry.

Of course, 5G network connectivity has made smart homes more convenient. Perhaps the most widespread smart home technology is the voice-activated assistant(语音激活助手)Google Home and Amazon's Alexa allow users to control nearly any device in their home simply by speaking a few words. This is especially convenient for people with physical disabilities, as they can finish tasks that would normally be too difficult, according to How-To Geek.

Common household appliances(家用电器)can become "smart" as well. For example, a smart trash bin can memorize all the things you've thrown away and offer you a shopping list online, while a smart fridge can create dinner recipes(菜谱)based on the vegetables that are being kept inside, according to HowStuffWorks.

But it's not just about convenience. Smart homes are also good for the environment. By regularly checking your energy use and automatically turning off lights and other devices that you're not using, smart homes can lower how much electricity you use overall. Using less energy means that we make less pollution, which is good for the environment.

Not everyone is excited about smart home. In fact,

1.X10 allows household devices to communicate by _________.

A.using radio waves B.speaking a few words

C.connecting 5G network D.inventing lights and alarms

2.What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?

A.Household devices designed for the disabled.

B.All types of smart household appliances.

C.Further development of smart home technology.

D.Difference between X10 and 5G network

3.How does smart home technology influence our life?

A.Smart trash bins help us find cheap but nice things online.

B.Smart fridges can create proper recipes and cook tasty food.

C.Smart homes will help us save energy and reduce pollution.

D.Smart homes make us stay at home instead of working out

4.The author may introduce the ________ of smart homes in the last paragraph.

A.use B.spread C.future D.disadvantages


1.A 2.C 3.C 4.D 【解析】 这是一篇说明文。短文主要介绍了智能家居,介绍5G技术在家居生活方面的应用。一是语音激活助手, 二家用电器智能化,三是智能节能。智能技术可以将任何家庭变成更好的居住地,对环境也有好处。 1. 细节理解题,从文根据第二段“It allows household devices, such as lights and a...



My dear daughter,

You're growing up and gaining a lot of wisdom. Here are some things that you need to remember at any time.

Love yourself

No one is perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes—learn from them and move on. Take responsibility for your part, try not to make the same mistake again and forgive yourself.

Love your body.

You are beautiful. You don’t have to be thin or tall to be beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Take care of your body. Exercise, eat healthily, and you will be beautiful.

Believe in yourself.

Do the best you can in school and don't worry so much about what your grades are. You’re going to be great at whatever you choose to do. The only thing you have to do is believe in yourself.

Be the best friend you can be.

Some friends will stay with you for a lifetime and many will come and go. This is life. Always be the best friend you can be. And believe you're always a good person.


your mama



1.The text might be a ________.

A.notice B.diary C.letter D.poster

2.How many suggestions are given to the daughter?

A.Four. B.Five. C.Six. D.Seven.

3.According to the text, which of the following is true?

A.We should try not to make any mistakes.

B.Beauty comes in different shapes aid sizes

C.we must pay more attention to our grades.

D.Most friends will stay with us all the time.




I used to watch her from my kitchen window. She seemed so ______ among the tall kids on the playground. The school was ______ the street from my home and I would often watch the kids as they played during a break. She would ______ dribbling(控球) and shooting over and over again.

One afternoon I asked her ______ she always kept playing. She smiled, I want to go to University of California and the only way for me is to get a scholarship. I like basketball a lot. I believed that if I were ______enough to play college basketball, I would get a scholarship. My dad told me if the dream is big enough, the ______don't count. "

Well, she appeared to be very confident. I ______ her from junior into high school.

One day in her senior year, I saw her sitting in the grass ______. I walked to her and asked what was the matter. "Nothing," replied the girl in a ______ voice, "Many people told me that I was too short to play for a top team, ______I should stop dreaming about university."

I asked if she had told her father about it. She said that her father thought they were ______. They just didn't understand the great ______ of a dream. If she truly wanted a scholarship, then nothing could ______ her except one thing—her own attitude(态度).

The next year, because of her perfect ______ in the California Championship game, she was chosen by a college recruiter(招生人员). She was going to receive the college education that she had ______and worked toward for all those years.

It's true: If the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.

1.A.rude B.ugly C.lazy D.small

2.A.along B.across C.above D.behind

3.A.avoid B.enjoy C.practice D.suggest

4.A.why B.how C.when D.where

5.A.modest B.curious C.confident D.excellent

6.A.facts B.wishes C.choices D.mistakes

7.A.helped B.praised C.watched D.protected

8.A.carefully B.quietly C.proudly D.excitedly

9.A.soft B.loud C.strong D.sweet

10.A.as B.so C.or D.but

11.A.right B.careful C.wrong D.careless

12.A.idea B.balance C.power D.chance

13.A.prevent B.prepare C.promise D.protect

14.A.character B.performance C.interview D.knowledge

15.A.paid for B.given up C.found out D.dreamt of




1.When will the Friday races be held?

A.May 10th-June 10th. B.June 10th-July 10th. C.May 10th -July 10th.

2.How much should a student pay to join the club?

A.One dollar. B.Two dollars. C.Three dollars.

3.Why does the race set no prizes?

A.To keep safe. B.To save money. C.To enjoy running.

4.What will all runners get for free before the race?

A.Running shoes. B.Bottled water. C.Healthy snacks.

5.Who starts first in the race?

A.Beginner runners. B.More experienced runners. C.The most experienced runners




1.What does Mike do first when his parents are out?

A.He does his homework. B.He listens to music. C.He plays computer games.

2.What does he usually eat for meals?

A.Noodles. B.Dumplings. C.Hamburgers.

3.How does he feel about being home alone now?

A.Unhappy. B.Unafraid. C.Uncomfortable.




1.What's wrong with the man's watch?

A.It goes slow. B.It doesn't work. C.Its glass is broken

2.Which watch did he take in the end?

A.A grey one. B.A white one. C.A black one.



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