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It is your graduation day. Please ______...

It is your graduation day. Please ______(接受) my best wishes for your bright future.


accept 【解析】 句意:今天是你们毕业的日子。请接受我对你们锦绣前程的最好祝福。 分析句子,该句子是祈使句,所以用动词原词,接受accept,故答案是accept。 ?

China Daily reported that Tsinghua University, one of China’s best universities, ______(上升) from 16th place in the world last year to 15th, leaving Yale University behind.



We are all ________ spreading other people's personal information on the Internet. (反对)



??? A national survey was carried out in Australia on how children aged eight to sixteen read news. The survey found children as young as eight were interested in news. However, the spread of wrong information makes it difficult for children to understand events. The survey also found only one-third of young people felt they could tell whether news they read was real or not.

Here are what adults can do to help children critically (批判地) think about the news.

To help decide if a source (来源) can be trusted, they can ask the following questions. Is it clear who created this news? Viewers need to be able to ask the person or organization about why and how they created the story. Does it present facts straight or does it include opinions? If opinions are presented as facts, this may lead to wrong ideas. Does it include all the important people? If a story speaks up for organizations or groups of people, they should have the chance to reply to these opinions.

Some media may make use of people’s feelings. Discussing how children feel about news helps them decide which news programs to watch. Research shows sensationalist (耸人听闻的) news titles can receive more clicks online. Adults can also talk to children why people spread wrong information, such as changing people’s mind on who to vote for or attracting more clicks.

News media talk about events in different ways. Parents and teachers can help children be careful while reading stories. In some stories people can’t present their ideas honestly. In these cases, it’s best to find other news sources to consider how they are reporting the story. Discussing what children think of the news can help build their critical thinking skills.

News that can be trusted is important to society. People depend on it to help make decisions in lives. Seeing how wrong information is different from real news is a challenge for everyone at present. Listening to children’s experiences is a valuable starting point for improving their critical thinking abilities.

Ways to Help Children Think Critically about News


of the survey

? Children aged eight have shown an 1.in news.

? Two-thirds of young people have 2.? telling whether news is real or not.


for adults

to take


Help decide if a source can be 4. in

? Find out the creators of the news.

? Make sure that news should avoid 5. opinions as facts.

? Check whether all the important people are 6. in the story.

Explain why some media make use of people’s feelings

? Attract much 7.with sensationalist news titles.

? Make a difference to votes by spreading wrong 8..

Discuss how news media report the stories differently

?Compare stories they read with other stories from different news sources to consider whether they are reported honestly.

? Talk with children about what they 9. of the news.


Reading news critically is 10. but challenging to everyone at present. Adults need to start from listening to children’s experiences.





It's common to play video games as a way to reduce stress. We play games for fun, relaxation and even to kill time. However, one student has found a much more creative way to use video games.

Wu Hele, 17, a Senior 3 student from Jinling High School, Nanjing, has been preparing a gift for his high school - a recreation(重建) of his own school in the game Minecraft《我的世界》.

It is a game that allows players to design landscapes and buildings in all different types of locations with different materials.

For Wu, recreating the school was not just a sudden idea. During Wu's first time visiting the school, he found that it was perfect for rebuilding. "The landscape of the school is regular, and buildings all had a symmetrical, aesthetic feeling, which is suitable for rebuilding with Minecraft," he told Modern Express《现代快报》.

After his first visit to the school, Wu decided to rebuild it. However, this was not an action that could be done in a day. During his three years in high school, Wu has effectively organized his time. After finishing his homework or exercises, he always walked around the school with a notebook. "I measured all the corners by eyeballing(目测) or counting footsteps. I also drew sketches(草图). When I played the game, I would build the school based on my sketches," he told the Bejing Evening News《北京晚报》.

Wu experienced several challenges as he recreated every detail of the school. One of the most difficult challenges was building the gym. At first, he didn't know how to rebuild the shape. Then, Wu learned the conic curve formula(圆锥曲线公式), which was used for the building.

His hard work has paid off. Almost all of the scenes of Jinling High School have been rebuilt in the game. The gate, the teaching buildings, the unique corridor with the wisteria(紫藤长廊)- every tree and flower has been exactly rebuilt. The player can visit the classrooms, gyms and office buildings and view the detailed decorations inside. In addition, their school's pet cat can be seen running downstairs in the teaching building just like in real life.

"I'm the first one who rebuilt our school in this way. I've cherished(珍惜) the three years I've spent here, and I have learned a lot during the whole process," Wu told Nanjing Daily《南京日报》.


1.Which grade is Wu Hele in? ______________________________________

2.Where did Wu rebuild his school? ______________________________________

3.How did he measure all the corners in his school? __________________________________

4.When did Wu decide to rebuild his school? ______________________________________

5.What do you think of Wu’s recreation of Jinling High School? _________________________



A man in Germany may not have been in danger when he called the police about a baby squirrel running after him, but it all worked out for the best for the funny suspect.

Emergency service centre(应急服务中心) in the city of Karlsruhe got a call on Thursday from a man afraid that the tiny animal wouldn't stop following him around. The Guardian reported. Police arrived at the scene, where the squirrel finally stopped running after him by lying down and going to sleep.

It turned out that the squirrel actually needed help, the police said. ""It often happens that squirrels which have lost their mothers look for a replacement(代替者)and then focus(集中) their efforts on one person, "the policewoman Christina Krenz told The Guardian.

The squirrel, now named Karl-Friedrich, is in the care of an animal center. Karlsruhe police posted a statement on Facebook about the animal, including several lovely photos.

The baby squirrel chase(追逐) is the second squirrel event to make international headlines this summer. Last month, a London woman called police after she heard loud noises in her home and suspected a burglar. The intruder turned out to be a squirrel, according to the police who came for help.

Although the government in the German case said the squirrel did need help, wildlife experts(专家) warn that before intervening (介入) in the case where you suspect a squirrel is orphaned(孤儿的), you should do your best to make sure the animal truly requires help. The Wildlife Centre of Virginia, which gets hundreds of calls every year about supposedly orphaned squirrels, published this handy guide to help decide whether such an animal really needs help and what to do if so. When in doubt, contact a local wildlife rescuer or animal center.

1.Karl-Friedrich in the passage turns out to be _______________.

A.a policewoman B.a little squirrel C.a guide in Virginia D.a woman from London

2.What does the underlined part "The intruder" in Paragraph5 mean?

A.A wildlife expert. B.A brave policeman. C.A female suspect. D.An unpopular visitor.

3.Why did the baby squirrel run after the man?

A.The man gave food to it. B.The man would take it to the animal center.

C.It wanted to bite the man. D.It needed the replacement for the loss of its mother.

4.What can we get from the wildlife experts' words?

A.People should find out if the squirrels truly need help.

B.The police should punish the people who hunt the squirrels.

C.The government should made laws to protect the squirrels.

D.The animal center needs enough money to carry on with their work.

5.Which part of a newspaper may this passage come from?

A.Nature & Environment. B.Humans & culture. C.Geography & History.????????????? D.Sports & Music



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