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When shopping for clothes, my mother and...

??? When shopping for clothes, my mother and I have always disagreed on what fits me well. To me, if it zips(拉上拉链), it fits. My mom , however, usually says I need a bigger size.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to dress like my friends, but my body size made it impossible. When mom told me something didn’t suit me, or that I needed a bigger size, all I heard was that my body was wrong.

To avoid arguments(争吵), we stopped going shopping together. This continued until I got engaged(订婚) and I needed to find a wedding dress(婚纱).

I could have just bought it alone, of course, but my mom is my favourite person to hang out with. The idea of looking for a wedding dress without her seemed as frightening as taking her with me.

And so the day came. As I tried on a simple white dress, I saw tears in my mom’s eyes. “You look beautiful.” she told me. Nothing could have shocked me more.

This one didn’t zip up at the back and I did actually need a bigger size , but my mom didn’t say that .She just told me how beautiful I looked. At that moment, all those arguments we’d had while shopping in the past were laid to rest. We didn’t buy a dress that day, We decided to see more, which I would never have predicted.

A few weeks and many shopping trips later, we found the perfect dress. And during those few weeks, mom and I also found the perfect fit for our shopping relationship.

1.According to the first two paragraphs, we know that________.

A.the writer’s mom could always find perfect clothes for her.

B.the writer and her mom often argued about the size of her clothes.

C.the writer’s mom thought she was too thin.

D.the writer tried to lose weight when she was a teenager.

2.Why did the writer go shopping with her mom to buy the wedding dress?_________

A.Because she couldn’t find any friends to go with her.

B.Because her mom was very experienced in choosing a wedding dress.

C.Because a wedding dress is special and she liked hanging out with her mom.

D.Because they always had a great shopping relationship.

3.When the writer and her mom went shopping for the wedding dress, the writer felt shocked because___________

A.her mother said she looked beautiful even though the dress didn’t fit her.

B.none of the wedding dresses could zip up the writer’s back.

C.her mom asked her to try on a bigger-sized dress.

D.they found the perfect dress more quickly than she expected.

4.What does the underlined word “predicted” in Paragraph 6 mean?

A.想象 B.争辩 C.谈论 D.预见

5.What would be the best title for the passage?

A.Shopping with parents. B.Choosing wedding dresses.

C.Perfect mother-daughter relationship D.Finding the perfect fit.


1.B 2.C 3.A 4.D 5.D 【解析】 本文讲述了作者和妈妈在给自己买衣服这件事上,一开始总是意见不合。但后来作者要结婚了,在买婚纱的时候,母女二人的互相理解以及对彼此的爱,促使他们改变了他们的购物关系。 1. 推理判断题。根据“When shopping for clothes, my mother and I have always d...

A live-streaming app that monitors (监控) students in classrooms in some middle schools has raised a lot of online discussion. It was reported that any user of the app Shuidi could see inside classrooms. Some parents have praised the app for giving them the chance to monitor their children, while others worry about privacy problems. Do you think the app is a good idea?

Zhang Xiaoru, 16:

I strongly support this app. Nowadays, children play an important role in the whole family, and parents always want to care for their children, wherever they are. This app helps parents see what their children are doing in classes. It’s also a good way to make students behave themselves in school.

Du Yina, 15:

I’m a supporter of this app if parents get their children’s permission (准许) first. The app could help parents focus on children’s bad habits. It could also be used as a tool to prevent bullying (霸凌). However, parents should get their permission first to protect their privacy.

Zhao Xuehan, 16:

I think this app is a bad idea. Schools should be a pleasant and relaxing place for students to study and play. But we will feel uncomfortable if cameras are watching us all the time. We should pay attention to our privacy. Our lives shouldn’t be watched by the public.

Zhang Liliang, 15:

Any form of privacy invasion (侵犯) shouldn’t be allowed. Although some parents want to know more about their children, they should do it in a better way. Being under the eye of strangers is too dangerous.


1.What does the live-streaming app do?

A.It plays educational videos in class. B.It lets students join online discussions.

C.It reports on which apps teachers use. D.It monitors students in classrooms.

2.On which condition does Du support the app?

A.Parents should get their children’s permission before using it.

B.Parents can change their children’s bad habits through the app.

C.The app could be used as a tool to prevent bullying.

D.The app is able to protect students’ privacy.

3.According to what Zhao Xuehan said, what does she do?

A.She is a student. B.She is a teacher. C.She is a parent. D.She is an app maker.

4.Zhang Liliang thinks the app is dangerous because it will _____.

A.invade students’ privacy B.allow parents to see something they shouldn’t see

C.force students to do things they don’t want to do D.hurt people’s eyes

5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.Now most middle schools have used apps to monitor students.

B.Different people have different opinions about using the app.

C.Zhang Xiaoru supports the app only in some ways.

D.Middle schools aren’t allowed to use this app.



??? The hard-working blacksmith(铁匠) Jones used to work all day in his shop and so hard-working was he that at times he would make the sparks(火花) fly from his hammer(锤子).

The son of Mr. Smith, a _______ neighbour, used to come to see the blacksmith every day and for hours and hours he would enjoy himself _________ how the blacksmith worked.

“Young man, why don’t you _______ your hand to learn to make shoe tacks(鞋钉), even though it is only to pass the _______?” said the blacksmith. “Who _________, one day, it may be of use to you.”

The lazy boy began to see what he could do. After a little _______ he found that he was becoming very _______ and soon he was making some of the finest tacks.

Old Mr. Smith died, and because of the war, the son _______ all his goods. He had to leave home and was forced to live in a village in another country. In this village, there were large numbers of shoemakers who were spending a lot of money on tacks for their shoes, and sometimes _______ when they paid high prices they were not always able to ________ what they wanted, because in that part of the country there was a great ________ of tacks for soldiers’ shoes.

Our young Mr.Smith, who was finding it difficult to earn() his daily bread, remembered that once upon a time he had learned the__________of making tacks and had the sudden idea of making a bargain(交易) with the________. He told them that he would make the tacks if they would ________ him to get settled(安顿) in the workshop. The shoemakers were only too glad of the bargain. And soon, young Mr. Smith found that he was making the finest tacks in the village.

“How __________ it seems,” he said with a smile, “even making tacks can bring me good luck. My trade is more useful to me than all my former(从前的) riches.”

1.A.creative B.hard-working C.wealthy D.generous

2.A.testing B.seeing C.watching D.explaining

3.A.wash B.try C.force D.win

4.A.hammer B.experience C.skill D.time

5.A.cares B.knows C.complains D.thinks

6.A.practice B.control C.exam D.check

7.A.skilled B.excited C.tired D.worried

8.A.carried B.lost C.sold D.harmed

9.A.ever B.instead C.although D.even

10.A.protect B.get C.make D.remember

11.A.number B.standard C.need D.price

12.A.art B.advantage C.importance D.achievement

13.A.blacksmiths B.soldiers C.shoemakers D.villagers

14.A.accept B.help C.refuse D.return

15.A.challenging B.attractive C.lively D.funny



—Do you know ________??

—To protect our only home — the earth.

A.how we should live a green life B.why should we live a green life

C.what we should live a green life for D.whether we should live a green life



—Never give up. If you keep practicing speaking English every day, you’ll make great progress.

—Thanks for encouraging me. I know ___________________.

A.It’s never too old to learn B.Many hands make light work

C.Practice makes perfect D.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket



—I’m not good at playing chess, you know.???

—______! It’s just for fun.

A.Forget it B.What a shame C.Don’t say so D.Come on



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