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“What is success?” Mr. Black asked his 6...

“What is success?” Mr. Black asked his 6th grade business class. It was his opening conversation for the first class of the term.

“Success is riding in a sweet car, watching an 80-inch TV, and living in a place with at least twelve rooms.” One student answered, earning(博得)laughs from all the students.

Mr. Black smiled, but shook his head. “Tom, that is excess(過量). That is not success.”

“How about being able to provide for your family?” A blonde girl named Sandy in the front suggested as an answer.

“Now we’re getting closer,” Mr. Black smiled, “but try thinking about what you need and what you want.”

“Getting everything you want.” Tom shouted out an answer again, trying for more laughs.

Mr. Black sighed(嘆氣). “I believe we’ve already talked about excess versus(比較) success.”

“Getting everything you need, but some of what you want?” James, sitting in the back wondered aloud.

“Quite right!” Mr. Black clapped. “Success is getting everything you need and some of what you want. The more you get that you want, the more successful you are. You do reach a point where you are living in excess, though.”

“What does this have to do with business?” Tom asked. It seemed if it wasn’t funny, he wasn’t happy.

“Well, Tom, think of it this way: the point of business is to make a living to support your family. Once you have properly seen to (確保) their needs, you can then see to getting the extras that you want.”

“What if I don’t have a family?” he continued to be difficult.

“Then you have to provide for yourself, a family of one.”

“He has goldfish to think about!” Peter, Tom’s friend, shouted out.

“Then he needs to provide for a family of one with a fishbowl.” Mr. Black corrected himself.

Tom nodded, satisfied with that answer.

“So in the next nine weeks, we’re going to study basic business situations, like having a checking account and understanding credit cards(信用卡).”

Tom rubbed his hands together excitedly. “When do we get to start spending?”

“You already are, Tom. You’re spending time with us!” Mr. Black laughed. “Now, let’s see what you guys know about credit cards…”

1.What was Mr. Black?

A. A headmaster.??? B. A businessman.

C. A teacher.??? D. An official.

2.Which student didn’t seem to be taking the class seriously?

A. Tom.??? B. James.??? C. Peter.??? D. Sandy.

3.How did Mr. Black make his class lively and interesting?

A. He told some jokes.

B. He played jokes with the students.

C. He showed some examples to his students.

D. He got his students to take part in a discussion.

4.According to the passage, which word can best describe Mr. Black?

A. Strange.??? B. Patient.??? C. Shy.??? D. Proud.

5.What can be the best title of this passage?

A. Get What You Want??? B. Needs and Wants

C. Try to Get More Money??? D. How to Live Well


1.C 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.B 【解析】本文內容:“什么是成功?”布萊克先生問他六年級商務班。這是他本學期的第一節課的開場對話。“成功就是開著一輛豪車,看著一個80英寸的電視,住在至少有十二個房間的地方。”一個學生回答說,其他所有學生都笑了。布萊克先生笑著搖了搖頭,說道:“湯姆,那是多余,那不是成功。”“為家人提供幫助怎么樣呢?”一個叫坐在前排的名叫桑迪的金發...

??? George lived with his sick mother in a poor village. One bright sunny? _________? in July, he went early to the forest two miles away. He was asked to? __________ some wood. After working hard for half a day, he looked around for a cool place to rest and eat his lunch. Suddenly some fine red wild strawberries caught his eye.

“How good these will be with my bread and butter!” George thought. He at once began to _______all the strawberries he could find, then sat down by the river, ready to enjoy them.

Just then as he was lifting the? __________? strawberry to his mouth, he thought of his mother.

“Shall I? _________? them for her?” He imagined how much they would make her happy, yet still looking at them with longing (渴望的) eyes.

“I will eat half, and take the other half to her,” he said. Then he divided the strawberries into two. But he found each half looked too small, so he put them together again.

“I will only taste one.” Then he took the biggest one, but soon put it back. Finally, he carefully_________ them with leaves, deciding to keep them all? _________? his mother.

When the sun was beginning to go down, George went home.? __________ happy he felt that he had all his strawberries for his sick mother! The? __________ he came to his home, the less he wished to taste them. As soon as he arrived , he ran to his mother and happily offered his wild strawberries. Tears in eyes, she put her hand on his head and said? _________ : “And you kept them for me, did you? God will bless you for all this, my child.”

Could the eating of the strawberries have given George half the happiness he felt at the moment?

1.A.morning B.noon C.afternoon D.night

2.A.set up B.pick up C.put up D.give up

3.A.buy B.grow C.make D.collect

4.A.first B.last C.other D.next

5.A.cut B.buy C.sell D.save

6.A.showed B.locked C.covered D.washed

7.A.to B.from C.for D.on

8.A.What B.How C.Why D.Whether

9.A.nearer B.farther C.longer D.later

10.A.angrily B.lovingly C.worriedly D.politely



??? Feng Shaotao? _____________? into such kind of anxiety and can’t get out of it.? ___________? his eyes, the college entrance exam cuts everyone apart and isolates (分離)him? ___________ the society. The childish faith tells him ___________ taking part in the college entrance exam is growing up. The recognition(認知)of? ___________ a high school senior tells him that one has to pay to grow up, and the anxiety and hesitation(猶豫)at present? ___________ the price.

Feng Shaotao sets? ___________ a goal of getting 750 points in the college entrance examination. The result comes really? _________? to that? ___________ he has still achieved his dream of going to?? ______________ university of Shanghai.

There are lots of? __________ kids like Feng and? __________ they will understand that the worries? ______________once trapped them are the colors they ______________see on the road of life.

In the battlefield of? ____________, growth is a battle where you will never come back. Being young means to strive.

1.A.trapped B.traps C.is trapped D.is trapping

2.A.Of B.In C.To D.For

3.A.out B.into C.from D.away

4.A.that B.what C.if D.whether

5.A.is B.to be C.are D.being

6.A.will be B.are C.was D.is

7.A.himself B.him C.his D.he

8.A.closed B.closing C.close D.closes

9.A.though B.because C.however D.but

10.A.a B.an C.the D./

11.A.others B.other C.another D.the other

12.A.at the end B.at the end of C.in the end D.in the end of

13.A.which B./ C.what D.whom

14.A.could B.should C.needed D.must

15.A.young B.be youth C.be young D.youth



??? 為了共同防控新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫情,本學期初教育部發布了延期開學的通知,全國各地執行“停課不停教,停課不停學”的工作安排,學生在家進行了一個多月的網課學習,作為參與網課的一員,請你就近期的網課學習體驗談談線上教學的利與弊,及自己的觀點與看法。

參考詞匯:新型冠狀肺炎novel coronavirus


1.短文中不得出現真實的人名和地名。 2.書寫工整,語句通順,連貫,詞數不少于80

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Cooperation(合作)and competition are both important. They're necessary for a person to achieve success in life.

Learn to be cooperative with others. No one likes a selfish (自私的) or greedy (貪婪的) person. However, everyone likes a cooperative and 1. (friend) person. Everything we do today, whether doing business 2. making friends, depends on our ability to get along with one another. In our society, most 3.(task) need cooperation in order that they can be 4. (finish) well. So we must try to be cooperative. Each person is like a small part of a machine. If one part is out of order, the machine can't be running well. Besides, transportation and communication systems are developing 5.(quick), and people all over the world can keep in 6. with each other more easily. It's hard for a person 7. is away from the society to have a deep understanding of the world he lives in. Cooperation is 8. (become) more and more important for a person to lead a good life.

Being competitive also has a place in life. If we want to get more success and be better than others, we must work 9. and study carefully. The desire (欲望) to succeed and do better than others encourages 10.to work harder. If there was no competition, a sports meeting would never be exciting.




Project Hope is an educational program to help students. It started in 1989. It has aided 4.5 million children in poor areas to go to schools and it has b1. 18002 Project Hope Schools. It has encouraged the moral2.(發展)and modern thinking of students. As a result, the students in Hope schools respect their teachers, aid the poor, and help one another. It is the best known and most s3. education program in China. But it is not enough to solve all the problems of the poor. There are some reasons. The large population is one of the most serious problems. Though the government has taken many measures to c4. the population, we still have a long way to go. As for us, we can take part in some 5.(志愿者) activities to help some poor kids.