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Most of us spend all day at school work....

??? Most of us spend all day at school work. After a long and busy day, all we want to do is return to a comfortable home. Smart technology can turn any home into a nicer place to live.

Smart homes have been around for some time. Scottish company Pico Electronics invented type of technology called X10 in 1975.As the earliest smart home technology, it allows household devices (設備), such as lights and alarms, to communicate with each other by using radio waves.

Of course, 5G network connectivity has made smart homes much more sophisticated (復雜) than X10. Perhaps the most widespread smart home technology is the voice-activated (聲控的) assistant. Google Home and Amazon's Alexa allow users to communicate with almost any device in their home simply by speaking a few words. This is especially convenient for children and people with physical disabilities, as they can finish tasks that would normally be too difficult, according to How-To Geek.

Common household appliances (電器) can become "smart" as well. For example, a smart trash bin can keep track of the things you've thrown away and place an online order for new items, while smart fridges can create dinner recipes (食譜) based on the vegetables that are being kept inside, according to HowStuffWorks.

But it's not just about convenience. Smart homes are also good for the environment. By regularly checking your energy use and automatically turning off lights and other devices that you're not using, smart homes can lower much electricity you use overall. Using less energy means that we use fewer natural resources, which is good for the environment.

1.The earliest smart home technology is ________.

A.X10 B.5G network connectivity C.the voice-activated assistant

2.Which is NOT true about the voice-activated assistant?

A.It can turn your home into a nicer place to live.

B.It's normally difficult for children and people with physical disabilities to use it.

C.It may be the most widely used smart home technology.

3.What can a smart fridge do?

A.Tell you how to cook. B.Place an online order. C.Create a dinner with the vegetables.

4.What does the underlined word "automatically" mean?

A.自動的 B.定時的 C.神奇的

5.Which of the following is the best title for this passage?

A.5G network changes the world

B.Smart technology makes life convenient

C.Smart homes — a nicer way of living


1.A 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.C 【解析】 這是一篇說明文。短文主要介紹了智能家居,介紹5G技術在家居生活方面的應用。一是語音激活助手,二家用電器智能化,三是智能節能。智能技術可以將任何家庭變成更好的居住地,對環境也有好處。 1. 細節理解題。根據Scottish company Pico Electronics invented type o...

??? As "a state of ceremonies", Chinese people always have some special habits to show their respect to others or just keep their own nation culture, which can still be seen nowadays. Some of them are good things indeed while some of them may make foreigners feel confused (困惑). Here are some tips for you with respect to four Chinese habits:

Burping (打嗝) after meal. In China, burping is seen as a sign of satisfaction with the meal and is considered a compliment to the chef, so don't be surprised if it happens at the dinner table. However, nowadays the habits may be changed in young people.

Finger tapping (輕敲) while drinking tea. Light finger tapping is a customary way to thank the tea master or tea server for tea. After one's cup is filled, the bent index (食指) and middle fingers are knocked on the table to express gratitude to the person who served the tea. This custom is common in southern Chinese cultures, like the Cantonese.

Don't be offended (生氣、被冒犯) if you offer a gift and it is refused. It is customary in China to refuse the first offer. Sometimes, the etiquette (禮儀) is to refuse the gift three times, though it may not always take this many tries. In general, the expectation is that a gift is politely refused at first, even if it is desired, and will eventually be accepted after a few offers.

No tips (小費). Although tipping might be common in restaurants in some foreign countries, it is generally unnecessary in China and can even be considered impolite. Tips are typically only given when doing tour-related activities or at hotels.

1.The passage is written for ________.

A.foreigners B.Chinese C.young people

2.We can infer (推斷) from Paragraph 2 that ________.

A.You must burp after a meal to show your satisfaction.

B.Burping is a habit at the Western dinner table.

C.Younger Chinese may think it's impolite to burp after meal

3.When a Cantonese is drinking tea, he uses ________ finger(s) to knock on the table to thank the tea server.

A.1 B.2 C.3

4.What does he mean if a Chinese refuses a gift at first?

A.He tries to be polite. B.The gift is not desired. C.It's not allowed to accept gifts at once.

5.Generally speaking, tipping________.

A.is a must in China

B.can't be a rude behavior in China

C.is usually related to tourism in China



??? Wonderful Events


Races Starting at 3 p.m. Every Sunday

Racetrack Only 20 Miles Away

Lots of Free Parking Space

Free Presents

No Children Allowed


Then & Now (Photo Show)

See the Changsha History From 1920-2020

February 1 - April 30

City Art Museum 750 High Street

Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. -5 p.m.


This Saturday 2p.m.-6p.m.

Everything 20% 40% off

Visit Us at Block G. Grandview Mall

Realize Your Dreams, Save Time and Money

Fall in Love with Prices We Offer


Celebrate a Special Date

Bringing Your Sweet Heart

Sunday Night, Country Club

Live Band from 9 p.m. - 1a.m.

$25 a couple; $15 single person




1.People can learn about the changes of Changsha in the past 100 years at________ .

A.City Art Museum B.Country Club C.Grandview Mall

2.How much will Mr. and Mrs. Smith pay if they want to go to the dance party?

A.15 dollars B.25 dollars. C.30 dollars.

3.________ is going to watch the horse races probably.

A.Mr. Lee with his 10-year-old son

B.Mike who is always busy with his work on weekends

C.Jane, a college student from the UK



??? Today is Tuesday morning. Look at Kate's schedule.



10-a.m.- -visit mother??? changed to Wednesday


morning - buy tickets for music concert

send parcel (包裹) to the USA


Shopping ??? leave until Thursday

visit mother (all day)


important - pay electricity bill


2:00 p:m meet Alfred -in the perk

Cancelled! Alfred will call next week.



1.On Friday, Kate will ________.

A.meet Alfred B.not go to the park C.call Alfred

2.From Kate's schedule, we learn that ________.

A.She stayed with her mother on Monday

B.She is going to the USA on Tuesday

C.She isn't going shopping until Thursday



??? What did you do to celebrate the new year? For many, there's no better way than watching _______ with heart-warming holiday vibes (氣氛). Adoring, a comedy-drama released on Dec 31, is such a film.

The movie tells a story through the eyes of the _______ center owner Vivan, who _______ medical care for all pets in her community. She witnesses (見證) six heart- warming stories among the pets and their owners. In one moving scene, an old dog is _______ but wants to see its beloved owner for the last time.

The film's producer, Xu Zheng, said that Adoring is a movie that "explores different relationships", brings the warmth of love" and _______ attracts young people. Indeed, pets are becoming popular among young Chinese people. According to a report on the 2019 Singles' Day shopping festival, _______ food is the most popular, even surpassing (超過) milk for babies. The total sales reached 18,000 tons of cat food and 14,000 tons of dog food.

Besides food and daily necessities, young pet owners also buy _______ products, like automatic feeders and high-tech pet monitors to take care of the pets while they are not at home. Other pet _______ include training, grooming, medical treatment and funerals for pets passing away.

The increase is partly because of people's attitudes towards pets, as more and more youth treat pets _______: companions or family members. It is natural to spend money on their family members," Liu Bo, a professor at China Agricultural University told Xinhua News Agency. This pattern of behavior ________ people's need for a better spiritual life."

1.A.movies B.TV C.concerts

2.A.teaching B.babysitting C.pet

3.A.provides B.offers C.gives

4.A.dead B.dying C.death

5.A.accidentally B.especially C.never

6.A.baby B.plant C.animal

7.A.normal B.traditional C.smart

8.A.presents B.jobs C.services

9.A.as B.with C.in

10.A.drives B.meets C.requires



The Palace Museum is the best museum ________ I’ve ever visited.

A.where B.which C.that