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It’s sad to learn that a whale has died ...

??? It’s sad to learn that a whale has died in the ocean. However, that’s not the end for the whale. It has a lot to give to other sea animals after death.

When a whale dies, it quickly sinks (下沉) to the bottom of the ocean floor. There, the whale body provides food and nutrients (营养) to deep-sea animals, which are often hungry for food. The remains can last for hundreds of years and create a complex ecosystem called a whale fall (鲸落).

Chinese scientists found a whale fall for the first time in the South China Sea during a deep-sea expedition (考察) carried out by oceanic research vessel () Tansuo-1, which finished its expedition on April 2, 2020. Tansuo-1 carried the manned submersible (潜水器) Shenhai Yongshi, which is able to dive to a depth of 4,5000 meters.

The whale fall in the South China Sea is about three meters long. Scientists have found several species (物种) of shrimp and fish near the whale fall. Some fish have started to eat the whale’s tail. The whale fall might be quite recent and needs long-term observation (观察), according to Xie Wei, a scientist who took part in the expedition.

The whale fall ecosystem can exist in the deep ocean because great pressure and cold temperatures there prevent body from decomposing too quickly. But the depth also makes it hard for scientists to discover them. There are about 50 known whale falls in the world.

By studying the whale fall, scientists can better understand how marine (海洋的) ecosystems support life and how to protect biodiversity (生物多样性) resources in the deep sea.

1.What does the writer try to describe in the second paragraph?

A.when a whale fall happen. B.where a whale fall happen.

C.why a whale fall happen. D.how a whale fall happen.

2.Which sentence about the whale fall in the South China Sea is wrong?

A.It was found during a deep-sea expedition.

B.There was several species of shrimp and fish around it.

C.Scientists have finished the study of it.

D.Scientists from China found it on April 2, 2020.

3.The underlined words “decomposing” in Paragraph 5 means _________.

A.putting in B.going bad C.falling over D.setting off

4.Why do scientists study the whale fall?

a. To understand how marine ecosystem support life.??

b. To find how long the whale fall is.?

c. To protect biodiversity resources in the deep sea.

d. To study whether fish eat the whale’s tail.

A.a b B.a c C.b c D.b d

5.Which magazine can we probably find this article in?

A.Science. B.Geography. C.Mystery. D.Travel


1.D 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.A 【解析】 鲸落指鲸死去后沉入海底的现象。当鲸在海洋中死去,它的尸体最终会沉入海底,生物学家赋予这个过程为鲸落。一座鲸的尸体可以供养一套生态循环系统长达百年。2020年4月2日,中国科学家在南海首次发现一个约3米长的鲸落。 1. 推理判断题。根据短文第二段的描述可知,在这一段中,作者描述了鲸鱼死亡,沉入海底,为海...

??? Do you want to travel in countries in Asia? You don’t have to travel very far. Follow us,

and you can enjoy these Asian adventures.




Cycling in Guilin, China

Get around the city by cycling through Guilin, Guangxi Province. Mountains rise straight up, creating the only beauty. Bike paths take you past the villages and farms. Enjoy this beautiful views from your bike, or stop and talk with one of the villagers working in the field.

When you feel tired, take a boat trip along the beautiful and famous Lijiang River.

White-water rafting in Nepal

In Nepal, you can experience thrilling rapids(急流) and the beauty of Himalayas at the same time. Take a white-water rafting trip down the Sun Koki River, world-famous for its powerful rapids.

Don’t go rafting in summer. Heavy rain raises the water level.

Scuba diving in Malaysia

Go diving in the clear waters around Spaded, an island in Malaysia, and discover an underground world. You’ll see large sea animals swimming along. The colorful coral(珊瑚) along the reefs hides tiny fish.

You can dive at Spaded, but you can’t sleep there. The island is a protected park, but you can stay on one of the nearby islands.



1.If we follow the cycling trip in Guilin, we can see different views except _________.

A.farmers B.undergrounds C.mountains D.crops

2.We cannot experience _________ in Nepal.

A.thrilling rapids B.diving in clear waters

C.the beauty of the Himalayas D.a white-water rafting trip

3.Going rafting may be dangerous in summer in Nepal because of _________.

A.too many tourists B.high temperature C.high water levels D.dry weather

4.We can find _________ hide in the colorful coral along the reefs in Spaded.

A.large sea animals B.a boat C.an island D.tiny fish

5.Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A.We can take a bus trip along Lijiang River when we feel tired.

B.The Sun Koki River is famous for its powerful rapids.

C.We can go diving in the clear waters in Nepal.

D.We can dive and sleep at Spaded at the same time.



The small red house on D Street was old enough. It had a blue roof. But Corita liked it. She was born in that house. Corita was seven and a half years old. One day her mother hugged her tight and said, “I have something to tell you. We have to move to another house.”

Corita cried a little, but she got over it. She put all her toys into a box. Not her dolls, though. She held on to the dolls. The movers (搬家工人) came. They took the furniture and clothes. They took Corita’s box of toys. “We’ll meet you at the other house,” they said.

Corita and her mother got on a bus. Corita held her dolls on her lap. The bus ride was long. After the bus ride, Corita and her mother walked two blocks. They came to a yellow house. It was old and little. The movers were there.

They all went into the house. Corita’s mother showed the movers where to put things. She showed them the room for Corita’s toys.

“Will this room be mine?”

“Yes,” said her mother.

“What makes it so nice and bright?”

“Look up. Look toward the roof.”

Corita looked up, “There is a window in the ceiling!”

Her mother smiled, “That’s called a skylight. See the blue sky?”

Corita put her dolls on the bed. Then she took her toys out of the box. “I like this house,” she told her mother. “This house is so nice.”

“Were you afraid it wouldn’t be nice?”

Corita laughed, “Well, my dolls were. But of course, they didn’t know the skylight!”

??? Life is like a skylight. Only if we find the light things in our life, we will be always happy.

1.Which sentence about the house on D street is right?

A.It is blue with a red roof.

B.Corita had lived in it for more than seven years.

C.Corita couldn’t wait to leave the house.

D.It was old but modern.

2.When her mother told Corita they would move house, Corita felt _________.

A.surprised B.excited C.sad D.happy

3.The movers took all the following things in Corita’s house except _________.

A.furniture B.clothes C.toys D.dolls

4.From the passage, we know Corita’s mother was _________.

A.polite B.wise C.selfish D.careful

5.Which is the best title for this article?

A.Moving house is a good choice. B.Learn to accept a new life.

C.A girl and her old house. D.Moving houses causes problems.



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A few years ago, my husband and I were on island for a long weekend with our 3- and 4-year-old daughters. As we went back and thought about _______ to do next, our girls jumped in and told us their ideas. Ariela and Eliana said that they wanted to go to the _________ museum.

When we walked _______ the main area of the museum, we saw thousands of beautiful butterflies. They all flapped (拍动) their colourful _______. My girls were jumping up and down ___________. I knew we had made the right _______ to come to the museum. They were having so much fun. I turned to our museum tour guide _______ I was curious and asked, “How long do butterflies _______?” She said, “About ten days.” “What can butterflies do in ten days?” I asked. The guide stopped, looked at me, and said, “They make the world a more _______ place.”

“Wow,” I said, “I ________ thought about butterflies like that. Thank you!” After we said goodbye, I couldn’t ________ thinking about what the guide had said. She was right. We all have something to ________ the world with the time we have. When we focus our gifts on taking care of each other every day, we can make a ________.

There is no ________ that butterflies make the world a more beautiful place. You can also ________ your life like a butterfly and appreciate the effect you can have on your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours.

Like a butterfly, we have our own way of making the world a little better for everyone.

1.A.what B.how C.when D.which

2.A.sparrow B.butterfly C.bee D.ant

3.A.past B.into C.opposite D.across

4.A.wings B.feet C.arms D.legs

5.A.surprisingly B.carefully C.excitedly D.sadly

6.A.situation B.condition C.contribution D.decision

7.A.because B.after C.before D.so

8.A.fly B.live C.eat D.sleep

9.A.peaceful B.meaningful C.beautiful D.helpful

10.A.seldom B.never C.often D.always

11.A.stop B.wait C.regret D.forget

12.A.offer B.explore C.spread D.accept

13.A.wish B.difference C.donation D.living

14.A.point B.doubt C.reason D.need

15.A.change B.serve C.live D.order



—The senior high school entrance examination is around the corner, but I haven’t got anything ready.

—Start now! _________

A.Better late than never. B.Never too old to learn.

C.Each dog has its day. D.Many hands make light work.



—Maggie, it’s true that being happy is an ability. So can you tell me _________?

—Just as President Xi says, “Happiness is achieved through hard work.”

A.why happiness is so important to us B.who can help achieve happiness

C.how we can find happiness D.what happiness is



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