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The two words "meet" and "meat" are p ________ in the same way.



Don't open the door to s ________, it's not safe.



??? We know many great inventions which have changed the world. Have you ever had a wonderful idea and thought it would make a great invention, but didn't know what to do next? 1. They will help you make your dreams come true and become a famous inventor.

The first thing that you should do is to do some research on the Internet to see if anyone else has invented it. If not, you should search through the US Patent (专利) information to see if a patent was ever created for your type of invention. 2..

The easiest thing to do is working with a company that can help you to make your dreams a reality. It can help you present your ideas and get your product to the right companies. One company that is very reputable (声誉好的) is "Lambert and Lambert in Minnesota". 3. If they think your product is marketable (有销路的), they will help you to get it to the right company.

Call the company and make an appointment. You will want to bring in a model of your invention and a complete description of your ideas. 4. Then when you meet with them, you can present it and they will tell you how marketable it is. If they decide to help you, they will work to present it to different companies and help you to go to the next step.

Once your invention has been sold to a large company, get ready to get the benefits of becoming the next great inventor.

5. But the benefits are worth the wait.

A.It may take a year Or two.

B.Write down-exactly about your invention.

C.If there is no patent, go to the next step.

D.You will find something new on the Internet.

E.Here are some steps that you can take.

F.They offer free advice for good ideas.


??? How much do you know about the North Pole(北极) and the South Pole? They are both places with very cold temperatures and few people live there. However, the North and South Poles are not much alike as people may imagine.

The North Pole has no land, only thick ice. Temperatures seldom go above 32°F, at which water turns into ice. Most of the time, it stays below zero. In winter temperatures are usually as low as-30°F.

Although conditions were very poor, people tried for many centuries to reach the North Pole. Over 100 years ago, two men, Robert Peary and Mathew Henson, were able to get to this environment full of troubles and difficulties. They reached the North Pole on March 8th, 1909. It was really a hard trip for them.

There are few things more dangerous than crossing the Arctic(北极圈) on foot. People who stayed there may face many problems: very cold temperatures, sudden storms, and even hunger. Most of the area is uninhabited, few people can live in such a difficult place.

People might think that with such low temperatures for most of the year, the ice would be thick and hard. However, this is not true in the Arctic. The movement of the ocean water under the ice may often cause many different changes on the surface. Sometimes the ice breaks into two opening lanes of water(水道) called "leads". Anyone who falls into a lead can be frozen to death in a few minutes.

1.This passage is probably from ___________________.

A.a book review

B.a science book

C.a school report

D.a computer magazine

2.According to the passage, what happened over 100 years ago ?

A.Two men succeeded in getting to the North Pole.

B.Temperatures in the North Pole went above 32°F.

C.The environment in the North Pole suddenly became worse.

D.The North Pole changed into thick ice because of the temperatures.

3.What does the underlined word "uninhabited" mean in Chinese?





4.The reason for the ice to break into two opening lanes of water is that __________________.

A.the temperature suddenly drops

B.the water under the ice is frozen

C.the ocean water under the ice moves

D.the surface is covered with lots of ice

5.What does this passage mainly talk about?

A.The thick ice in the North Pole

B.A difficult trip to the North Pole

C.The real situation in the North Pole

D.The differences between the North Pole and the South Pole


??? This is a tale of two friends, 53-year-old Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi. One is blind, the other has no arms. On their own, the two are "disabled". But together, they are a powerful team that has changed part of their village in North China's Hebei Province into a rich, green forest.

Their story began in 2000, when Haixia, who was already blind in his right eye, lost his left one after an illness. Wenqi lost his arms in an accident when he was just three. Neither could find a job, so the two decided to team up. They rented some poor land and began to plant trees. In return, the local officials paid them a small fee. Haixia and Wenqi never imagined that they would end up creating an environmental paradise. Their forest now has over 10,000 trees, hundreds of birds and many other wild animals. In addition, it saves the village from river flooding during the rainy season.

When the friends work together, they focus on their strengths not their disabilities. Their day begins at 7 a.m. when the sightless Haixia carries Wenqi across the river to get to their worksite. Since they cannot afford to buy young trees to plant, the two use branches from existing trees. Haixia climbs to the tree-top and with Wenqi's direction, selects the perfect branch. He then digs a hole and carefully plants it. Finally Wenqi waters the area. Though hard-working, the men don't make much money. But as Wenqi puts it, "We stand on our own feet, so the fruits of our work taste sweeter."

Neither Haixia nor Wenqi cares about money. Together, they already have everything they need- a perfect pair of eyes, two strong hands, and the best friendship in the world!

1.Why did Haixia and Wenqi start working together?

A.Haixia needed someone to help him.

B.They both needed a way to make money.

C.They wanted to improve the environment.

D.They were required to do so by local officials.

2.What does the underlined world "it" refer to in Paragragh 2?

A.Their story

B.Their strength.

C.A small fee

D.Their forest

3.Why do Haixia and Wenqi plant tree branches?

A.They are easy to get.

B.They do not cost money.

C.They can grow very quickly.

D.They are preferred by animals.

4.In Paragraph 4, when Wenqi says "We stand on our own feet, so the fruits of our work taste sweeter", he means that"____________________".

A.they hope to make the forest even better

B.the fruits from their trees are very sweet

C.they are proud not to depend on others

D.they are able to do any difficult work

5.What does the writer want to tell us?

A.Never give up and you will succeed.

B.We should help the disabled to work.

C.Try your best when facing difficulties.

D.We can achieve more with teamwork.



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1.Where can you buy these things according to the ad?

A.In a shop.

B.In a mall.

C.On the Internet.

D.In a supermarket.

2.A man wants to buy a bicycle for his little son on Children' Day. How much will he pay?





3.The best birthday gift for your grandpa is _________________.

A.some buttons

B.a handbag

C.a tea pot

D.a children bicycle

4.My mother ordered some fashion buttons, and she can get them _________________ days later.





5.If you have400, you can buy _________________.

A.two handbags

B.500 buttons

C.a handbag and a bicycle

D.a tea pot and a handbag


??? Zhong Nanshan was born in October 1936 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He is one of the famous medical scientists in the 21st century, who ________ many people's lives in 2003.

In 2003, SARS________ in Guangdong. Later, it spread across China and other parts of the world. Patients coughed a lot and got fevers. Hundreds of________ even died from the disease. Even many doctors and nurses got SARS when they treated patients. So everyone was afraid of it. But Zhong was________ enough to fight the disease. Zhong spent days and nights to find the cause________ the disease. And with his way of treating, many patients began to get better. Zhong finally won people's trust.

In early 2020, a disease called COVID-19(新型冠状病毒肺炎) hit Wuhan. It spread________ around tens of thousands of Chinese people were infected (感染). Zhong, 84, led ________team to Wuhan to fight the ilness. Zhong's team took many measures to cure the patients. He advised people to wear masks, ________hands frequently(频繁地)stay at home and not to go to crowed places.

Zhong likes sports very much. ________ he was 67, he could still play basketball. Now at the age of 84, Zhong still treats patients in the hospital and________young doctors. "I am just a doctor." Zhong says. But we think he is a hero and a fighter.

1.A.helped B.saved C.liked D.influenced

2.A.took out B.found out C.gave out D.broke out

3.A.patients B.adults C.animals D.birds

4.A.kind B.poor C.brave D.silent

5.A.with B.to C.of D.in

6.A.quickly B.slowly C.safely D.luckily

7.A.my B.his C.her D.their

8.A.weigh B.pollute C.shake D.wash

9.A.Since B.Although C.Unless D.Because

10.A.thinks B.trusts C.teaches D.asks


??? Last Saturday, my mother and I went out for dinner. We went to a_________________. It was not big but very nice and quiet. My 80-year- old mother took my arm as if she were the First Lady. After we sat down, I had to_________________the menu. She could not see very well. Her eyes could only read_________________letters. Half way through the names of food and drinks on the menu, I_________________my eyes and saw Mom sitting there looking at me. A proud smile was on her face. " It was I who used to have to read the menu when you were_________________. "she said. " Then it's time that you relax and let me return what you have done for me. " I replied.

1.A.theatre B.cinema C.shop D.restaurant

2.A.make B.read C.pass D.order

3.A.bright B.large C.black D.short

4.A.lifted B.lowered C.closed D.opened

5.A.small B.big C.busy D.away




1.There is a supermarket on the __________________ floor.




2.We can buy __________________ on the third and the fourth floors.

A.men's clothes

B.women's clothes

C.shoes and bags

3.On the sixth floor, there is a(n) __________________.




4.Where can you hear the passage?

A.In a hospital

B.In a shopping center

C.In a school




1.What gift will Lisa probably give to her mother?

A.A handbag.

B.A scarf.

C.A card.

2.Where will they celebrate the mother's birthday?

A.At home.

B.At a hotel.

C.At a restaurant.

3.What's the relationship between the two speakers?

A.Brother and sister.

B.Father and daughter.

C.Mother and son.


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